Aries New Moon; A Catalyst for Change

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It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. -Alan Cohen

Beloved Light Emissaries,

We are heading into the second phase of the year, moving from the Yin essence that starred the first months, especially during March, to the Yang essence that we are already experiencing since April and that will continue increasing with this New Moon at 26 degrees of Aries. We are indeed in a very important phase of our evolutionary journey, for we are passing through the transformation, and subsequent ascension from Pisces, last sign of the zodiac, where we finally become masters to the freedom and leadership of Aries, where we finally stand tall, empowered in who we are and in our truth.

It is with Aries that we begin to initiate ourselves, once again, within this eternal Divine Spiral, passing from experiencing the feminine essence and the remembrance of the Illuminated Realms with Pisces, to the power of Fire and the strength, energy and passion it brings, if used wisely. This is a time for us to work with the masculine, without forgetting that we are not here to master both separately but as One, creating synthesis to finally transcend polarity and move into a more unified space, within Creation.

The New Moon in Aries is an opportunity for us to work with Alchemy, through the element of Fire, for this is the pre-stage in which purification and self-empowerment must be cultivated to prepare ourselves to master Taurus, and the Earthly plane where we dwell, for we are heading to May, a month to create abundance, and all the manifestations that we have been nurturing, within, during the previous months of the Year.

Manifestations are always understood as being something tangible. However, there are may other types, as creating a more peaceful state of being, joy, without relating it to any material things or people, etc. All the feelings that help us be in our natural state of bliss and love, are precious forms of manifestations as well.

The New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, the Planet of Change often called the Planet of Rebellion, while Jupiter sextile Pluto. This is what triggers a major, and unexpected change, within, and in the collective, for these frequencies will increase our need to dissolve the old and bring into fruition what the feminine has been nurturing for months. This is a short phase to bring deep transformation and dissolution of old timelines, so we can begin to awake to our true power and have the courage, as Aries, reminds us to step beyond our limited human barriers and embrace new Divine Gifts that are there for us to consciously work on their activation.

Change in itself is not good or bad, change, as everything else, simply Is. What we do when we are immersed in the change that we have created whether conscious of it or not, is our choice. Blaming the circumstances we have been creating, show us where we are, flowing with change and directed it the best we can, show us true mastery. You are not here moved by invisible cords, as a mere puppet, you are here as a powerful Divine Being capable of overcoming anything you have created yourself, with the end of bringing more awareness to you, as a limited human. Resistance to change is what brings pain.

Some choose to experience a dark phase and allow themselves to blame the outer and/or simply desire to remain there, which is fine, for pain shall be recognized and embraced until understood, and others will choose to finally release it and stop being afraid. What is important is to always honor what you feel. Do not deny the nature of your feelings, for as a human, you are here to feel whatever feeling without labelling it as being good or bad, not to deny your own nature.

The ruler of Aries, Mars, the Warrior, is in Capricorn together with Saturn and Pluto. The message sent by the grouping of these Planets is one of patience before making important choices, for we are yet in the passage to manifest our Creations, and we need to truly discern where we are putting our attention and hence, precious energy. It is a time to bring those soul creations, ones that will blossom in May, while the power of earth will assist us. However, until we reach the shore, we need to secure what we are creating, from a space of harmony and lack of fear. This is reminding us the importance of consciously building a life, which can only be made with passion, patience and balance, to finally create the strong foundations for our new lives.

We are indeed surrounded by Yang – masculine – essence. There is no Air during this Moon, only Earth and Fire, helping us to dissolve – and to finally focus – on our tangible plane – creating the proper alignment required to manifest only that which is in resonance with our God Will.

Catharsis: Alchemical Purification 

We are now immersed within a passage where working in purifying one’s consciousness through the element Fire is essential, for this is the first step towards unification as well as conscious creation. Fire is masculine, an energy that simply IS, ours is the choice to use this sacred fire to destroy old worlds and physical residual that are toxifying our body cells and rejuvenate in the embrace of nature, which May will invite us to do.

Catharsis is a process of releasing, all memories, all lovers, all that has come into our human life experience not to hurt us but to help us remember, and once this purpose is fulfilled we must let it all go and embrace, with great joy, instead of fear, what our soul has pre-planned for our human journey. This New Moon in fiery Aries, offers us the gift of inner alchemy, transforming and purifying ourselves from the ashes of the old, for only can we step into a new dimensional space, if we do not carry any frequencies from a lower one.

There are many sacred fires, as for example the Violet Flame or the White one, to work with at this time,  and help in the process of purification, choose the one that is aligned to what you wish to dissolve/purify and/or regenerate and serve you best to aligned to the new state of being you would like to posses. What is important, especially for the ones who are beginning to walk on this ascension path, is to use this Fire frequency to bring deep activation in their Kundalini essence, for this is activated several times as we continue descending more Light from our I AM Presence, and each time, we need to help it move through our spine, chakra and other body channels.

As you may have already felt, our central Sun has been very active – as has our Galactic Center – that has been sending us a massive influx of waves. These frequencies are meant to help us in the Heros Gamos integration process, for it is a constant release and embracing of new fifth dimensional frequencies. Our main mission is to take care of our physical bodies as well as non-physical Merkaba, for our Light-Body is experiencing many changes, and taking care of this process is pivotal, at this transitional time, especially for the ones who are awakening.

For the ascending souls, this is a phase for us to focus on the individualized aspect of Source that we are, bringing into unification all of our past/parallel/ and what we call future selves, in this present timeline, for this is where we operate, where we dwell and where we consciously create from a unified space of non-separation from all the other selves that are One with us, coexisting in different dimensions. We do not need to be fully aware of them, we simply need to be conscious of who we are, where we are and what we do, in this present moment.

This process of conscious purification is what allows all debris, all emotional residual feeling etc. to dissolve through the sacred power of fire. This is where we begin to create space for the new codes and begin to release aspects of an old self. The work must become a daily commitment as well a daily joy, for it is who we are, our mission and what allows us to truly see the achievement made, during years.

There are many aspects/parts of you waiting to be heard, embraced and loved. When you finally quiet the mind and allow yourself to feel, these parts will cry, then we can call them by many names: anxiety, pain, sadness, loneliness etc. The truth is they are asking you for help and recognition, a loving and compassionate embrace will end the pain, coming from the resistance of your egoic self to simply feel.

There are always aspects of us that are asking us to be brought into unification, and the more we keep feeling distress inside, and ignoring it, the more we will keep lying to ourselves. This is a Moon to be courageous, to face who we are, all of it, and embrace it as equal. Would you love all of yourself and stand tall in who you are? Or will you keep choosing to remain small, blaming others for where you are and do not want to be?

As a natural part of our process to regain our crystalline true essence, there are many physical sensations that may be indicating you that you are passing through a phase of purification or that your body is asking you to do so. These are some of the main signs of kundalini awakening and/or new activation:

    • Coccyx pain or other uncomfortable sensations: This is when the Kundalini awakes and begins its journey thought the spine.
    • Cramps in your spine and/or similar sensations: a sign that your Kundalini essence is rising and activating the many channels – and chakras – that it touches.
    • Nervous system: when the nervous system is affected and there is no medical reason, it is due to the need we have to release feelings, past wounds, and everything that remains stagnant within our body cells, mental and emotional bodies and needs to be cleared.
    • Digestive issues: Due to the radical change caused by the rising of the Kundalini fire and the adjustment happening in the body.

Note: If during the New Moon in Aries you consciously connect with its frequency and you feel painful sensations in your head, skull, eyes etc. and everything related to the head, then it is related to Aries for it rules the head and it is giving you a message of the power you have, where you put it as well as your abilities as a leader, for this is what Aries represents.

Move inward and observe if you are empowered, passionate and acting as the master that you are of your own human experience, of if you are not yet embodying your true potential, as a Galactic Divine Being.

If on the contrary you are experiencing blood problems (deficit of iron in blood etc.) then it is the Warrior, Mars, the ruler of Aries, sending you a message. All you feel may be or not related to it, you are the only one who can know yourself and observe from where it is coming what you are experiencing.

Observe the fear, connect to your physical body, feel where there pain comes from, the affected part of your body is telling you more than you think about the core of your pain, go there and make your wounds conscious, travel in time to find out when it occurred, clear the painful imprint and release the false beliefs that are yet there impeding your to embody higher levels of consciousness.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to feel pain, until you can dissolve the nature of your situation. Be the compassionate and loving witness of your human self and experience and love every aspect of yourself. If you use blame, unlove, regret and many other egoic tactics, you will create more victimhood and disempowerment, instead of aligning yourself with this powerful Fire frequency from this New Moon, which will help you to go to the core of the issue and burn what is creating suffering.

Earth’s magnetic fields changes impact on the physical body

As you are aware, the Earth’s magnetic fields among other planetary structures are shifting since 2017, when our Planet began to bifurcate from old earth. It is at this time when most assistance is required, for the negative agenda continues in efforts to keep the Planet under manipulative techniques. The sense of time and space will be lost as you progress – in your journey – towards a fifth harmonic space.

As you know the magnetic field surrounding Earth has acted as a shield, especially with cosmic radiation, and even if deeply manipulated, has been protecting Earth for eons. These changes in the magnetic fields have a deep impact in the beings who are connected to the consciousness of the Earth, therefore, the many Planetary Grid workers such as New Earth Anchors, gatekeepers etc. will feel, with more intensity, the physical impact that the changes from the Earth’s fields.

As a result of these Earth changes are having on our physical bodies, ones that are also shifting, as Earth is, there are many who are already on the ascension path who may not know yet from where certain physical sensations come, when one has already worked on the dissolution of old timelines and/or human beliefs. These are some of the sensations that the many who work and are beginning to awake to their soul missions, could feel when working with the Planetary manipulated structures:

  • Nausea – especially the ones working with stargates.
  • Sleep paralysis: This is caused when we maneuver through different dimensions, and all of a sudden we come back to our physical body. Mastering patience instead of desperation, and breathing techniques, when this happens, is pivotal. It takes time but it is essential for the ones who do not control yet when they come back to their bodies, for the level of confusion and panick is high.
Please, if this is your case, going to the doctor, is always fine. However, in my case, years ago, it only served for them to medicate me, and pills only will make your body wake up even later, so the desperation felt is beyond words. What we do must  be understood and treated from a non-human perspective, if we treat it with a limited one, then we will be closing many doors that show us who we are and what we came here to do.
  • Disorientation: Make sure you always go into the astral protected, conscious and when you come back you make the statement to remain in the individualized aspect of Source that is incarnated as X. This is important for you to be connected in this present moment to your present self, and not to the many other selves and dimensions in which you dwell. Otherwise, you will feel confuse, remembering things that many not even be from this present lifetime, between many other things that will block the human limited mind.
  • Heart palpitations, between many others sensations: This is caused by the acceleration of our non- physical work, which the human body cannot cope with, and this is why is so important we take the proper care of our bodies, at this integration time. Exercising is also vital to keep our heart center strong and healthy, for it is constantly being upgraded.

As I always say, take only what resonates with your own guidance and there will be many sensations experienced, for we are all unique, and only you can know from where they are coming, for you know your body better than anyone else.

Liquid Light absorption

The acceleration experienced since March and the phase of constant integration/activation since the beginning of this year, has caused, several changes, already perceived in our physical vehicles. There are many who do not know how to support their bodies, for when one begins this journey, it is usual to try many things until one fully understands one’s body and what is best for it.

Since December 2017, our Planet began its bifurcation from Earth. It was then that we began to receive much galactic assistance for us to finally leave a 3D dimension and begin to dwell in a new harmonic space. Due to the space that our Planet occupies now, we are more exposed to the galactic waves – that we could not receive before – for we were residing in a lower frequency band, unable to process certain energies.

These Light codes are absorbed by our bodies, and it is our conscious task to become aware and direct this Divine Intelligence, for this is what Light is, wisely. Using it to dissolve, to recalibrate, activate and/or to purify ourselves – all depends where we are on our journey.

At this time, we have Sol very active, between many other planetary and extra-planetary events, and together with Spring, makes it a phase to be constantly updating and recalibrating our bodies. However, there are many, as in my case, who are be dealing with allergies, making it harder to activate their bodies, for they are suffering from external factors.

I will not enter the subject of why some of us have allergies or not. This is not the point and it is a very deep and long topic. However, I would like to say that most of the time, it is not just about being sensitive, but about the many products used to treat plants and trees, as is the case in the south of Spain with the olive trees, which cause these imbalances.

I have been asked to share a bit about what I do to sustain my physical body, especially at this time of allergies. However, as we are all unique, this must serve only as an example, not as something you must do, for what works for me may not work for you. This is also for the ones who are experiencing a Kundalini release, something that is, as many of you know, a very intense experience and not always easy to handle. At this time, with the New Moon in Aries, together with the transition we are experiencing, I was told that this is something happening to many, at this time, for they are awakening/ascending into an accelerated rate.

When we are in a phase of integration, absorbing Light, and consciously directing it to our body and to the parts we desire to activate/heal, we must drink lots of water. I do not eat solid food, for this is what my body feels like, until 1pm. Pure water with lemon, even smoothies, can serve, for they conduit the Light we are integrating and it is easier for the body to process it, for it does not have to digest solid food and waste more energy with this digestive process. However, if you feel you need to eat something, this is what works for you, what I do is not better or worse, it is simply my own experience.

If you have allergies and – as in my case – and you cannot move to another place, where your allergy will decrease, due to the many reasons that impedes one to just go and leave all, I would recommend to work daily with talking to your body, and supporting it with water, raw food, and natural treatments. Pills tend to put the body to sleep, although I do understand the need to use others medical products when breathing is not possible. As always, medical advice is pivotal and essential, I am not telling anyone to never use medical advice, this is not my intention, for I do not wish to confuse or influence anyone. I simply share what I do.

For a few years I have ben using a natural product by Cell Food, Liquid Oxygen – enriched with minerals – which is not just for allergies, but to help us into our ascension journey, when we need to oxygenate our body cells and help our bodies when they are passing through a challenging integration process. If what you desire is to rejuvenate – Silica drops (made of Silicon and oxygen) can also assist you in this regeneration process. This also works with your bones, hair and heart.

It is a time of rebirth from the ashes of the old into the purity of our true being. The frequency from this Aries Moon, if wisely directed and channelled, can also be a fountain of great purification and rejuvenation. It is also a time to use this inner fire to manifest those inner worlds that we nurtured in the ethereal, during the previous months, and use the magnificence of our inner light-power, within Divine Love, to project these soul desires in our earthly plane. This New Moon is the cosmic reminder for us that it is time to master the masculine, the one who manifests, who protects and who honours what is tangible.

As you know there is a time for everything within Creation. A time to embrace and heal our wounds, a time to be in joy, a time to integrate and a time to anchor. From this New Moon onwards, we are going to head into a new phase in which we are going to be asked to anchor in the physical, what the feminine has been creating within, in the past months.

Working in polarity integration is a constant for all the ascending souls who have consciously chosen to transcend polarity – we have now the opportunity to master ourselves in the physical, becoming aware if we tend to focus more on one polarity than another, for our physical creations will let us know where we put more intention. Remember that what we call ascension, in truth is nothing but the descension of our Divinity – or God Essence – within a physical body and hence, realm.

It is a time for the inner Magician, and Creator, to manifest healing, personal empowerment, and all the creations that will serve the self and All to continue expanding within new horizons. There will be not a better time, or a future one, to bring into fruition our soul desires, for the only time is Now and everything within Creation is supporting what we have been consciously, and patiently, creating, within, for months.

Choose to trust in the Divine Plan, for it has the best you can imagine for you. Choose to remain, always, in love with All, for when you begin to transcend duality, you do know that what we call the “dark” is another aspect of Source choosing to experience separation and the illusion of a fake power. When one understands this one has no other wish but to forever remain in the Illumined, and Wise, Presence of your God Self, which is in love with All without separation.

I wish you all an empowered and blessed New Moon, Beloved Companions!

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba.



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