Heavenletters: Human Holy Light

heavenlettersGod said:

I can speak nothing but Truth, I am incapable of saying less than Truth. I do not imagine, for I know All. At one time I imagined, and My Creation appeared, for Creation is the fruit of My thought. But now I do not imagine. I see. I see All before Me. Therefore, I see only the Light of Truth. And therefore I sing only Truth, for I sing of Me.

If what I have said about your being My Light is true, and, of course, it is, then you are Holiness. You are a Human Holy Light in God’s Creation.

Each star in Heaven shines its light and knows it so shines. There is no modesty in Heaven. There are no disclaimers. No star says, “Oh, but God, I don’t really shine. Look at me. I have physical form. How can I shine?”

Each star shines its brightness. It can do nothing else. That is its joy, to shine forth.

That is your joy as well.

But you dissemble. You try to enjoy flying objects, and you will manufacture anything to fill the sky around you and disclaim My Holy Light in you.

Enjoy My Light that shines in you, My dear Children. Deny it not. Lift your head high. Stand tall. You stand for Me. You shine for Me. Uncapture your rays of light. Emit your rays of light so I may shine them back.

We play catch with Light, you and I. Sometimes you fumble because you think you can. You think fumbling is part of the game. It not part of Mine.

Play catch with Me, and you will not fumble. You will shine My Light high. That is what Light does. It shines. My Light never fades, never runs out. Only lids get closed, and eyes on earth come to believe in darkness. Open your eyes, and believe in Light.

Believe that My Light is big enough for All of Us.

Believe that you are a Lamp of God.

Open your arms to My light.

Catch It.

Then cast It back so that your arms are free to catch More.

The quality of My Light from Me and the quality of My Light in you are the same. Only you have to let Our Light shine so that It flows more. You can only hoard so much Light and to no avail. Light must shine, and so must you.

A child shall lead. You are My child. You shall lead.

In innocence, you shall lead. Not in sophistication, but in innocence, you, My child, shall lead.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff