Heavenletters: Finding Yourself Divided

heavenlettersGod said:

What if you could see yourself as beautiful? If you could just take My Word for this, you would see you are beautiful just as you are. I can say conclusively that I see you beautiful, and nothing less. Just as you are, you are perfectly you!

Why are you so hard to tie in to your Self as I see you? Is it because you carry a body around, and you can be seen? Is this what wears you out, being on pubic display all the time? In addition, you have a house or apartment to keep up with and fill it to overflowing. Must you really clutter your mind, heart, and surroundings to overflowing?

Sometimes you are sure you were born at the wrong time and in the wrong place. You like to think you were meant to be born in the times before traffic, before you had to go to the store to buy things, before racing around with cell phones and computers, maybe even before countries became civilized, when there were no standards to live up to but your own. Maybe you have thought you would have better been born in the times and places when and where you could sleep under a tree, and there was no grass to mow, no mass marketing to encourage you to become a worthy consumer.

Oh, to be free to live in peace and quiet and not have to be loyal to mass marketing and buy one essential object after another. Oh, to be free! To be free! This would be Nirvana!

As it is, you always liked reading books and going to the movies. For the most part, you did like what you called education.

Here is how you find yourself divided:

You love to travel all over the world, yet you do not desire the actual traveling that goes with traveling.

You do have a certain amount of fear about getting lost. What would you do without GPS?

You may have been less independent on life as you know it if only you had had a clue as to how involved you would become. You hadn’t understood ahead of time how absorbing your place in the world would be. Only after the fact did you begin to see. Honestly, you don’t truly know how you would have fared in earlier days.

Regardless, even as you love bargain shopping, still, you like to believe you favor a simpler life.

In the summer, you do like to go to a cabin in the woods. At the cabin, you have one pot that doubles as a mixing bowl, one fork, one knife, one spoon. All the conglomerate choices you have at home seem like a disarray. At home, nothing seems dispensable. Every drawer, closet, cupboard is filled to the brim. At home – why not leave room at home to spare? Why not less rather than more and more? What is it that you feel obliged to keep and can’t let go of? Everything you own seems to possess you! What is there about you that keeps you in bondage to possessions? I ask you, and you ask yourself.

You may even promise yourself you will cut back. Are you like this? Then raise your hand.

You have read many books on emptying out your house. You are an expert if you could or would practice it. What glue are you stuck in that you must hold onto what fills up physical space? What happens to your vows of keeping only what is necessary?

Your vows may go by the wayside, and your physical objects still stay where they are.