Heavenletters: What Dream Is This You Live Within?

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, if you could physically see the emanations of your Soul, you would see such Bright Light modeled after the Sun, or, perhaps, such Bright Light that is modeled after you! In any case, you would be dazzled beyond belief at the wealth of Bright Light that emanates from within you.

You would be one big smile from stem to stern. Earth life seems to be known commonly as physical. Herein lies your Soul’s Destiny – it has no boundaries. Of course, your Soul, the integral Soul of you, exists beyond the physical world. The physical world may be referred to as the mere physical.

Can the physical be put aside the way it appears to in the occurrence universally referred to as death? You may wonder what happens to your DNA. It seems that Soul has always been here and there and elsewhere, seemingly far away, yet nevertheless so near and dear to your heart and Mine.

Physical life seems to plop itself down in a chair and want to stay settled on Earth while the planet spins. The physical body and daily pursuit of life seem to encompass you while staying within their bounds. Distance and space seemingly exist, yet don’t truly exist, whereas Souls truly exist.

Where then do Souls dance? Is there a centrifugal force within which Souls dance wherever they are positioned, or, are Souls positioned in space that does not exist in the first place? Anyways, how could any Soul possibly be fixed in space?

You have a physical heart that palpitates, held in place within a center of a physical body. You also have a Soul that travels beyond any physical evidence. Heart and Soul are amazing. Soul goes everywhere with you, yet it would seem you may hardly have a firsthand speaking acquaintance with your Soul.

This physical world is so finite. Even so, Earth turns out to be heart-renderingly beautiful.

A stone on Earth is an admittedly beautiful matter created from the physical world, yet who can say that this compressed matter does not also contain soul and that it speaks silently to you whether you are awake or asleep.

I carry the physical world in My Heart as well as your Infinite Soul. Do not flowers also have Soul, and does not the Earth itself contain Soul and the Stars that be and perhaps the very chair that your body sits in? The emanations of Soul from your eyes look out and are seen and treasured. The winds toss Souls far and wide and capture your heart.

When it is said that you connect far and wide with everyone on and off this planet and every other planet, including planets bruited to no longer to exist even as time and place do not exist anyway, you can know that Vastness exists, and that a Human Soul is vast.

It is a figure of speech when I say that hearts shake hands or embrace. There is something more pervasive than the physical that embraces. There is something greater than what the eye can see – do you see this now?

Every Soul embraces all Souls. The Universe is great at insuring this, and you are a Great Soul. Of course, you are far greater than your physical manifestation. You go beyond all the world boundaries that seem to exist and do not exist at all except as fantasy or will-o-the-wisps. Whether boundaries exist or not, how and where do they exist? What sleight of hand is this?

Is it possible that you can stretch out your hand and touch the touchless?

What dream is this that My Beloved seems to live in?



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff