Wesak Blessings, Choices, Changes

spirit and physical worlds eraoflightThe weekend’s Wesak is the next in a series of new energy thresholds humanity must move through in the global awakening process. Everyone is impacted, even if unconscious to energy and the long process of awakening underway. Most likely you are feeling this, and moving through a number of life changes now. Continue reading to better understand what this means in general, the blessings involved, and what’s important to know now.

As a reminder, we move through energy thresholds that call for choosing what we want – for ourselves and for the planet. You’ve been through a number of them already. Each time you are facing a new crossroad – needing to choose how you go forward. That usually involves a series of choices.

Big Choices Being Made

A big choice for all of humanity now relates to how people are living together on the Earth – with one another and with other living things. It’s about how people are caring for the Earth – not only for now but for future generations to come.

It’s about people revisiting what is important to them as they make choices, respond to others, and set goals for the future.

In a simple sense, it involves taking a deeper look at the life foundation each person has in place – and making adjustments as needed so that the eternal and big picture are factored in. Blessings occur during this process – sometimes subtle and not recognized as such until later, and other times quite obvious and immediately appreciated.

Knowing What Needs To Change

It’s not always simple to discern what needs to change in one’s life. Know the feeling?

An initial part of the process to take a deeper look can be catalyzed by frustration, a romantic breakup, a stuck feeling,  a sense of boredom, some element of life not working like it worked before, or even a sudden seemingly random event. Dreams often give clues.

Indeed, the energies of this Wesak season are the impetus for a new and deeper look at values and what people feel is important in the long term.  To be sure, humanity is at a crossroads on many levels, and without a personal and collective deeper look, the Earth is at a crucial precipice. I speak more about that in “Earth’s Pivotal Years.”

Issues involving values are now front-and-center in society. Norms are being challenged, justices brought out into the light for healing, and power abuses coming out of the shadows.

The Role of Women

One of the biggest power abuses now coming center stage involves women. For so long, women were objectified, dishonored, and denied opportunities. In the year 2018, the world is waking up to the positive power of women. In my “Predictions 2018” I address this and related themes of this year, helping with an understanding of what’s unfolding – and your role, whether you are male or female.

The issue of women is more than women’s rights and women’s role in society so long dominated by men.

Return of the Divine Feminine

The bigger picture involves a return of the Divine Feminine energy to the Earth.

For humanity to awaken and the planet to ascend, it’s essential that the Divine Feminine be fully restored.  One way this happens is on an individual level as people awaken and begin to balance their male-female energies.

Each person houses both a Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Each is necessary for self-realization, balance, wholeness, and full enlightenment.

Because of events unfolding across the planet now – waking people up to the need for including feminine principles in all things -2018 can be a very big turning point for the Earth.

In some places like the US, this weekend people celebrate Mother’s Day. Consider for a moment the importance of this. Without mothers, there would be no children. You would not have been born.

This half of the population births into being the new generations that will continue humanity’s enlightenment progress and ability to join with others in the cosmos.

You as a Cosmic Being

You are human, but you are also cosmic. You come form the stars after all.You are either male or female, but an an inner level, you naturally house both qualities.

A planet such as Earth that can bring feminine principles of compassion and cooperation into human interactions is a place with the higher consciousness needed to be full partners with other evolved beings across the cosmos.

This is your destiny. To fulfill this is an important part of your path.

Those who master the housing of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities become whole beings. The Divine Feminine is not weak and quiet. Expressing this energy involves empowerment – speaking up for truth, social justice, and fairness.

It is a caring, tempered energy – but also very strong and fiery in ways that precipitate beneficial social change.

Divine Changemaker Role

As you read this, you likely feel the call to embody these qualities and to be the powerful divine changemaker you are meant to be this life.

At this Wesak, then, put yourself in the vicinity of others focused on these principles and the overall path of enlightenment. Invite a knowing of the blessings you already have, and how you can be an increasing blessing to the world. Accept your power to change the world to the loving one you want. Trust that the universe will respond and that you are loved more than you know.



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