Heavenletters: The Seeker and the Sought Are One

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, come right this way to My Heart. There is no other way. We meet directly.

What is My Heart but our mutual Oneness of Being? Call Our Mutual Being Our One Heart or Our One Voice or One Soul engaging within the One and the Same Who Speaks and the One who also hears Himself thinking and speaking as though He were another listening in on His Very Self.

Oneness is Self-evident. How the One of the Seeming Me and the One of the Seeming You – how We crave a mutual audience, as if One has the culpability to sift Oneness into two perceived cups – Beloved, Oneness Itself isn’t to be beheld as two random entities!

I blurt out to You:

“Be here. Be here as One with Me.”

I blurt this out to you because it isn’t possible for One in Reality to meet as two parted Beings, one of whom somehow missed out on catching onto the True Reality while the One Self pours out One Heart in a Single Voice. In Truth, One of One exists, and here I AM. Anything less than Oneness is nonexistent. We are One!

For sure, you, Oneness speaks, and Oneness listens. This, I say, as Our One Unified Self. Here it is, Beloved. Surely, you know this. The Seeker and the Sought are One. There is no separate Speaker or Listener. There is no separation. I can’t say that separation is unheard of because, on the surface of the world,the world is hung out to dry. The concept of separation would mean that Oneness sits apart from Oneness, as if the possibility of sitting across from Oneness can be conceived, as though We really sit across from each other in the guise of two separate Beings – One Who speaks, and One Who listens.

However, this does indeed seem to exist as a common phenomenon in the world. From Earth, most of My dear Children look up at a Full Moon as though you – now I reluctantly call the Reflection of Me as You are new to the Beauty of the Moon even as you are contained in the Beauty of the Moon, and the Beauty of the Moon cannot not be otherwise than contained in You.

You are less contained in a streetlight than you are contained in the Moon. The Moon doesn’t surprise you. You can look fully at the Moon without sunglasses. The Sun, the Moon, one exists in the other. The Sun lights the Moon. Were it not for the yellow Sun, you might not see the Moon light before you.

How far is a taster from the taste? Can the taster and the tasted possibly be remote from each other?

The cool Moon wraps the warm Sun around its white shoulders.

Do you begin to now conjure how My Voice wraps Myself around Our One Being and how I boldly say that I am never absent nor are you? There is no Soul anywhere on Earth and in Heaven that your Soul is distant from or out of sight of. Distance doesn’t exist on one side of the Earth or another. Nowhere does Soul-lessness exist. What is present exists and meets everywhere. We can say that there is a Union of Souls. Call it love, or call it Presence. Oneness is.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff