The Creators: Take a Break The Shift

the collective“For now, it is appropriate that you seek what you would call entertainment outside of yourselves. For you are wanting to have the experience of a moment in time where you are not actively creating. You want your distractions. You need to veg out at times. That is something that we actually recommend to some of you out there who are striving and goal-setting, and always wanting to be doing something to further your expansion.

We know that it is difficult to understand that you are creators and that you have so much potential inside of you and to sit idly by and wait for timing to be right. This is something that we understand, we can relate to. And so many of you give yourselves reasons to take a break, to let yourselves have a moment where you can simply relax and exist. There is not only nothing wrong with this approach, it is necessary.

So put away all of your tools every once in a while and lie back and enjoy some of your entertainment. Do something that is mindless. Do something that you consider to be a guilty pleasure, and what you will find is the respite that you give yourselves will be the perfect thing that will help you along your path of expansion. Because you are always receiving information and you are always growing.

There isn’t anything that you could do that would be a complete waste of time, for in all areas of your life there are opportunities for your guides to assist you. And nothing is meaningless. So as you find yourselves wanting to take a break from all of this shifting and expanding just remind yourselves that you have been given a free pass by us to let go of the need to be ‘on’ all the time.

And enjoy some of your fellow humans’ creations. You have some wonderful entertainers, and we enjoy them as well. It is our pleasure to extend to you this period of recess.”



» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton

2 Replies to “The Creators: Take a Break The Shift”

  1. titaniumlotus

    Dear Doug,

    I feel compelled to share that in moments past, I too experienced much impatience with the slow process (from my earthly perspective) of Divine Mothers plan for Earth Mother and her children…US. However that was long ago as NOW I focus on the work within myself, Mastering my reality, Mastering energy work, creating my own heavenly reality upon the Earth NOW.

    It has been said to BE of the Earth but not in it. In simple terms I take that to Be, create no drama nor attach to drama. So much can BE learned in this realm, a ONE of never before done in ALL of creation. I WILL take full advantage of this Blessed gift to BE here NOW of momentous change for ALL and embrace ALL this it is…LIGHT & DARK, mastering it as I can for the good of ALL that IS.

    I have come to know that ALL is complete and that ONE can speed the ascension process up going within, connecting to ONEs Higher Self, Guides, Ascended Masters, Angelic realms etc.

    How I perceive the Divine plan unfolding will not BE the same as another, from my understanding and mission statement prior to incarnating upon this time. If ONE can imagine 7 billion+ angels upon Earth Mother at this time, each holding a facet of all that this experience entailed, coming together to form the ONE complete creation of Nova Gaia, Nova Gaians. A Universal celebration indeed! 🙂

    Bless you brother upon your journey.

  2. Doug

    Thank you! I always feel like I am never doing enough meditating or praying or service to others or learning..I often just want it all to happen and be over to new earth so we can live again not exist as we do now.