The Galactic Federation of Light: Recall, Earth, Secrets

eraoflight federation of lightGood day beloved ones, We the Galactic Federation are with you. We are here to escort you with our love and words in these new times. Here are some topics we would like to discuss.

Remember use discernment when listening to channelers. If the words resonate with you and aids in your journey than take it to heart. If not leave them be. We share with the intention for you to find freedom in your lives and offer it to those who choose. Blessings

Earth is slowly returning back to a land that can be referred to as paradise. Where different beings co-exist and live in harmony.

This process takes time as you can readily imagine. Those who played the dark roll must surrender. Energies of light will continue to anchor as this process unfolds. Beings who inhabit earth are now shifting back into their hearts.

Even animals are integrating the new energies and there are light-workers that will help in facilitating better communication with them in the near future.
As the hidden stories are brought to everyones awareness and secrets are uncovered you may ask yourselves, How will you deal with them?

Will you choose to embrace the fact that you now know and can go forward or allow it to open up anger toward those responsible. We hope you choose to see it had benefit to make mankind awaken without focusing on the negative energies that causes violence.
Yes they need to be held accountable but in peaceful ways only dear ones.
Everyone who incarnated to human form has gifts and the best thing besides working to cleanse self is to use your power of thoughts to send energies of love where it is needed.

Let it go in prayer, meditation, or before a candle. Let your focus be for harmony through out the world. You may think it has no effect but we your galactic neighbors say it has plenty of effect.

It is a good idea at this time sweet ones, to integrate breath with intention to take dark negative energies and bring them into the heart. You do this again by intent and in the quiet.

With the energy of love and an openness for truth in your journey you begin to open the heart more and more to live authentically. (the way humans once lived) Without greed, hate, and separation.
Practice kindness and it gets mirrored back to you move with negative thoughts and actions and you will not enjoy the outcome. (especially as these new portals of light enter earths atmosphere.)

As one awakes to a state of a higher consciousness understanding and taking responsibility for that which you experience can make the journey easier. Take the lesson from your interactions. They will give you a window to see
and evolve.

As you vibrate and bring an experience to you observe it and move to shift it to love. For Love is the thread that is part of everything. By understanding you have the control inside the illusion of life in Earths three D reality, your reality can start to change. Make an effort to use Love inside your thoughts and actions every single day. Whisper it and send it outward and you will see many changes manifest.

Most importantly love yourself. Every part of you from your outward appearance to all the decisions you have made.

Challengers plus open heart equals love and peace.
Fear + focus to transmute it = Love and Joy.
Compassion + forgiveness = Love and tranquility.
Loving self + love from extraterrestrials/ angels = Love and bliss.
Connection to God + recalling your divinity = Love + Love.

These equations are something that can aid you in seeing how love is available to all.

Take the time to be in the moment. It takes practice to not be distracted with a to do list but be aware of being grounded inside the moment. To ride the waves of light with focus on being present with all that life has to offer.

It is a gift to be on earth and to expand your soul and by being centered, grounded moving in heart and in the moment it will aid you as you move through your daily life.

The more you open your heart the more your remember and expand your consciousness. The more you do so the more you evolve to a place of higher vibration so you can tap into a wide rage of information. Ranging from knowing reasons why something is in your life to a past life experience.

It is now dark times for the controlling families known as the Cabal as many reading are aware of. They are loosing power and will continue to loose power as the shift into a higher frequency continues.

They cannot feed off humans any longer and their money schemes are drying up. They can no longer fund their violent escapades and hurt people with their toxic food and vaccines or keep a judicial system going that serves only them. They can no longer benefit from war because war will not be tolerated. And the banks are also being purged so a better balance of funds can be distributed.

The dream of peace on earth, good will to man, no wars, the dark shadow government leaving may seem like a fairy tale but it is in progress right now.

Much is being done behind the scenes but it is real and happening. A new Earth is being born out of love, compassion, peace, joy, and abundance. Step up and carry that in thoughts and see it unfold for humanity.

Peace has been long in coming but there are enough people aware and with alternative news filtering through it will continue to awaken many whereby the cabal will either leave or join the light.

One’s vibrations raises with love, kindness generosity integrity, compassion, Godliness, gratitude, optimism, non-judgement, being fearless, hope and trust.

Choose any or all and move in your day for their carry power for peace, joy and harmony. They also have power for dreams to anchor whereby all can live inside the matrex of their visions. They carry vibrations and because all are mirror vibratory magnets ones thoughts will effect one for better for worse.

Earth is going through her changes for the better as well and will be seen as the divine, precious living entity who houses all the traits that mirror love. She has always been a treasure that unfortunately some people have been blind to but that is changing.

Do your best during these shifting times to remember who you are. Remember you yes you who listens to this message are never unloved by God and beings of light, never alone, always showered with guidance, always sacred and eternal. This is a universal truth so let it be in your heart so you move with an inner power. Let it anchor inside footsteps so you walk tall and be who you are.

For you are an avatar of light meant to make a difference. A child of The Divine capable of so so much. Do make an effort to declare who you are so you can feel its power.

We hope you have found our words helpful and will breath deep to infuse the love and honoring we feel for you. This channeler connected and wrote this poem that says it well so we would like you to read it and celebrate who you are.

Be at peace as grand creators to go with love, Light, and Balance.
We Move We Breathe

We move beneath sun,
dancing in day as fire ball hovers
and birds fly gracefully.

We walk holding open parasols
beneath clouds when darkness comes
as thunder speaks.

We dance beneath sky in grace
as earth spins
and light integrates in hearts.

We stand, with dreams
beneath universe of stars,
as wisdom echoes.

We roam, in world
spreading peace, as prayers anchor
and freedom is found.

We breathe in reverie,
beneath expanding moments
that house miracles.

We move upon Earth
awake to birth grand future
as synapses of God. » Channel: Star Blossom