Jeshua: Therapist and Client

EmmanuelDear friends,

I am Jeshua, I greet you all today. I am close to you in my heart, because we are deeply connected to each other. There is a level at which we are one in undivided consciousness, a free, grand, and creative consciousness that is our true haven. You are here, manifest in a bodily form, localized in time and space, but there is so much more that you are, and I ask you to connect with this larger, undefined, and wider consciousness that connects you with your origin, your Home.

Feel God within you, and feel how simple this energy really is. God is not high above you, it is an energy that flows through you, through all life on Earth, and even through the material objects and things with which you are surrounded. God is everywhere, and God does not feel limited by forms. God is pure and unadulterated consciousness. However, the divine power wants to experience through all these different forms, all these manifestations in time and space.

Now feel for a moment who you are in the whole of that flow: a spark of light in an immense sea of consciousness, but nevertheless an imperishable spark of light that makes a unique contribution to the whole.

Feel that indestructible power within you that always is, always has been, and always will be the spark of eternal life. And in that spark of light, you are part of the Creator, part of God. You have a creative consciousness, and you choose for your life experiences, for the life path to which you commit. Very deep within your being is a central point from which you are aware of the design of your life and you attract the things you want to experience in order to grow and to learn.

That is why you are essentially never a victim of the world. In essence, you are never completely powerless or vulnerable, because deep inside you that God spark is present, that God spark that says “yes” to everything that you are going through in your life, and which also knows you are capable of learning and growing from these experiences and become greater and more inclusive.

Say “yes” to that strength in yourself, that source of light through which you have drawn to yourself the life you now live, with everything that belongs in it. You once before said “yes”, and you know within yourself that you have the power to fulfill that life, that destiny – in a good way – by remembering who you are in the midst of your earthly worries, in your daily life in which you meet problems and resistances. To come Home to yourself, and to share that knowledge and light with others, will give you your deepest satisfaction.

You who are present here desire to be spiritual therapists, which means you have the desire to spread light and consciousness on Earth from your soul, and this is a pure and authentic desire in your heart and soul. This comes straight from the God spark that you are, because it is natural for God to share joy, wisdom, and understanding. That makes God happy, and it makes you happy, because you are God in your heart and in your soul.

And now you ask the question: “How do you do that exactly: ‘spread the light’, offer healing to another?” This is what I want to talk about today, because in your society, there is a strange dichotomy between sick and healthy, whole and broken. The therapist supposedly stands on the side of the healthy, the one who is whole and gives light or healing to those who are broken or ill.

Seen from this viewpoint, the therapist is bigger and farther ahead, and the client or patient, is lagging behind, is smaller. And the bigger one has something that the smaller one does not have, which is then shared with the one who is smaller. However, from a spiritual perspective, this is a false image. What then happens, even before someone is treated by a healer or therapist, is that person is already being depicted as smaller than the one who treats them: the client has a problem and comes to the therapist for a solution.

This image of the relationship between therapist and client permeates all conventional health care. The doctor to whom you go has the “knowledge and expertise” and you, as the patient, are therefore smaller and their inferior, because you have need of their knowledge, of something outside you, so you can get well. Unintentionally, this model is often also used in what is called “mental health.” I would like to suggest that you pull up this image “by its roots,” because it is a completely false idea of how it is in a relationship between client and therapist.

The truth is rather the other way around: you are a good therapist if you know how to make yourself small, and to give back their greatness to the one who comes to you for help. It is something that person has unintentionally lost.

Someone who has severe spiritual problems is somehow convinced they are powerless, that they cannot stand up against the resistance, the negativity of life, so they feel small and helpless. You, as a spiritual therapist, are the one who invites that person to again find and experience their strength. You encourage them to re-discover their own greatness, to keep the inner spark of God awake.

And how do you do that? Not by giving that person something that makes them feel better, something that comes from outside, but by your believing in the power of that person’s soul. You do it by connecting with their soul, and from there to show your client through your eyes, and your words, gestures, and gaze that you believe in them.

Show them that you know of the strength, beauty, and wisdom of their soul. And because of this knowledge, and through your faith and trust in what they really are, the client also receives hope and trust.

This is the way of spiritual healing: you give back to the other their greatness. You try in all sorts of ways to again connect that person with their own soul power and in this way also to put the responsibility completely back onto them.

The great strength of spiritual work is that you show the other person they have the sole responsibility for their path in life, and their need of healing is not a point of weakness. That what they are confronted with is not something they cannot handle, but it is exactly their acceptance of responsibility that can help to free them of their burdens.

To return the responsibility for their own life to someone is not to say that you abandon them to their own devices. It means that you encourage them to discover and experience the power within themselves; to experience that they are much greater and wiser and more powerful than they imagine themselves to be. Being a spiritual therapist means that you meet the other soul to soul.

Looked at from just the human perspective, it might appear that you are stronger, or know more than the other person, and they are in trouble and need your help. But looked at from a soul perspective, both of you are on a path and one soul currently has more pain than the other, which says nothing about the path you are on as a soul, or the level of accomplishment you have. The one soul has made a different choice than the other, so there is no judgment to be made, and it is also not helpful to do so.

You do spiritual work because, from a soul level, you desire to share the light. What happens when you do this work is that the light within you is going to shine more powerfully, and you experience a deep fulfillment when you do so. In that sense, it is not so much something you do for others, you do it because it is your destiny to do so, just as a flower in the bud wants to bloom and emerge. That is why do you do this; it is the natural course of events. Light always wants to radiate and increase.

True lightwork thus means that you radiate your light to the other, and without judgement. You do not try to solve their problems, because this you cannot do, and that is not the intention. You allow your light to radiate on their essence, and in that way you help to awaken a person to their own essence, their own light. That is the most powerful thing you can do for another human being.

And when that becomes available through you, you will immediately find there is an increase of joy in that person because they can get closer to their own essence, their own life force, which gives them courage and confidence. Nothing can instill as much courage and confidence as feeling you are the master of your own life, and that you are able to give form to your life from your own inner strength.

And I would like to add one more thing: I see that you who do this spiritual work, or want to do it, sometimes have difficulty letting go of the negative energy in the other person, their pain and suffering. So much so that you can sometimes be overcome by the suffering of another person and even feel weighed down by it.

At that moment, you slip out of your own greatness, your God’s spark, into your human side. You jump into your old mode: “Gee, that person needs my help, I cannot bear this, I have to reach out a hand to them.” Observe then what that approach does to the other person: you consider them to be small and helpless, a victim you have to save. But by doing that, you do not really do anyone justice, and in the end, it is of no help.

To truly stand in your power as a spiritual helper means you take a backward step. As a human being, you might be tempted to take a step forward and want to soften their pain, but as a spiritual helper, as a soul, you take a backward step. You are fully present, you have compassion for them, and you often understand very well the process that person is going through, but you are not going to get involved in it, you keep outside the problem.

You are the beacon of light, and by stepping back, you demonstrate that it is possible not to be drawn in by thoughts about smallness and weakness and helplessness. By taking a backward step, you allow the other person room to come into their own strength. You invite them in, although doing this can go against everything you have learned as a human being.

This approach may seem hard or cruel, but it is not, if you view it from the perspective of the soul. Imagine you are in a very weak moment, in which you experience a lot of grief and you feel quite powerless, or when life just seems too much to bear.

What is it that helps you the most? Someone who extends their help from the vibrational level at which they are, and from there gives you a pat on the back, or someone who is trying to help from the idea that you cannot do it yourself? As a helper, you often give well-meaning advice from a vision you have about how to solve the other person’s problem. But you do not really reach the soul of that person, because you are not connected to them on a soul level.

Think about the times when you feel extremely vulnerable or gloomy or anxious. What helps you the most at those times is someone who continues to believe in your power, who still continues to perceive your soul-force, your being, even if you do not completely see yourself in that way. That is the true work of a spiritual therapist. And that can sometimes mean you have to hold on to the image of that person as a powerful, creative, free, and loving being, even though that person is not able to do so themselves.

It may mean that you have to wait, patiently, while you hold on to this image. But it is essential, at the level of the soul, that you remain as equals. If you do not, then you slide back into the old image: the bigger compared to the smaller, the helpless before the powerful, and this is a destructive image. It keeps people away from their true power.

At the time when you yourself feel weakened by the pain or negativity in others, remember what is really happening. Dare to step back, and do not see doing that as heartless or cruel, but as a reappraisal in which you put the true relationship between you and the one who suffers into perspective.

Stay present in your own power, in your own light. Doing this benefits you, not only your mind, but also your emotions and your body. And it also benefits the other person, because in this way you hold up a beacon of light for that person in which they can mirror themselves.

Spiritual work, where you relate to the other person, soul to soul, asks that you make an inner connection with them, especially with them in their greatness. And it means, at the same time, that you completely release the other person to be their greatness. And the latter is very important for you all to remember, because releasing the other person is an act of trust and is just as important as making the connection.

I believe in you all. And although I am not here to solve your problems, I am here to tell you that you are a powerful star of light, all of you. That your light, and radiating it, is unlimited and that you can believe in it, and enjoy it and live fully here on Earth. That is the lightwork for which you came. Thank you for your presence.



» Source » Channel: Pamela Kribbe » Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan