Universal Mother and Mother Gaia: A New Day

new earth era of lightI am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. From the dawn of time and of no time, there I am. I hold all within the palm of my hand and yet I am within the palm, the microcosm between cellular connection and neuronal synapse, there I am. I am in the breath of the newborn.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. Within you is a universe, child. And yet you are an integral part of the whole, a part of the greater universe; a microcosm within the macrocosm, all a part of the breath of me. I see you. I hear you. I am a part of you. I am within you. We are one. Can you not see that this is so? That we are inextricably linked, joined up together in this swirl of massive energies of creation and of newness of form? You were there with me in the beginning, for we are one. Nothing can separate you from me. I am in the sand on the seashore, in the neurons and neutrons within the all, in the network of tree roots that gather information and share love with fellow trees. I see all things for I am in all things. All creation is a part of me, sentient, knowing, one, whole. Humanity is but beginning to remember their roots, that deep within we are all connected, all one. The tall tree stands solitary, yes, and appears to be alone, but no, it is linked in complete communication and union with its surroundings, enjoying its own connection with nature, with me. As creators of the new earth it is imperative that you, my young Nova Gaians, understand the great joy and responsibility that awaits your young shoulders. And please know that I am in this with you as deeply and as intimately as you wish for me to be, for we are a creative team / process. For we are one.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. And children truly the time is nigh. My energy of love, my tsunami of love and of higher energies and vibrations are caressing each of your cells and of all of the animal creatures, the plant and elemental kingdoms. All of Gaia is resonating now with these higher forms of light and there is nothing – nothing! – that the dark ones can do about this but to be too, in turn, either caressed by my love or eliminated by it. It is their own choosing. They have had the experiences of lack and fear that they desired and now it is a new era, a new day of joy, of bliss, for my children and their creations. The time of the Christ light is here now, glowing brightly in your hearts – in hearts all across beautiful Gaia. You are looking more than little light brights now, for you are fiercely strong, so much more than you know, and you my children, my beloved ones, are lighting up the universe.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I enshroud you with my love light now to help you glow a bit brighter and know that indeed all you have dreamed of is indeed happening now. Tender hearts become the strongest for they know how to love. And you children, have learned this ultimate lesson superbly. I love you. I am your mother, the Universal Mother of all things. Let us create together in perfect oneness. I am always here for you dear ones.

I am your Mother Gaia. It is with great joy that the birds are singing upon me and the waves are crashing gleefully against my sandy shores and the sun, Helios, is beaming so strongly upon me, warming many a chilled heart into bliss and oneness. I am Gaia. I have seen, experienced all that 3d has to offer and I am done now with this experience of sadness and of separation. I am ready to explode into light and love and serving and I am so hopeful that you my friends will be my true guardians, as was the original intent and plan of your creation. We are to be a partnership at the deepest level of nurturing and protection so that all can flourish upon me. All. It is time for my nature kingdoms to be loved and cared for so that the animals may feel the love of humans again and feel safe enough to truly relax and be themselves and be free. Much regrowing of greenery and much rushing waters of newness to parched places (artificially parched places) upon me are ready to bubble up with the joy that I am feeling as all upon me should have the access to clean water as is their God given right, for there is plenty of all good things upon me for all of humanity to share and spread around in utmost joy and celebration. Lack is to be no more, forgotten, removed.

A new day is here now as you all are creatively and with great freshness and fervor, forming the building blocks of Nova Gaia upon me. And I am so ready to stretch into this newness as I can feel that you all, my true guardians, are too ready, and I assure you, you are ready and will stretch and evolve into your roles of my protectors with great aptitude and calmness and strength. For this is why you were called from the far reaches of everywhere, to come and serve the great shift from darkness into light on the darkest of all the planets. Wow! What a story you will have to tell and what a resume!

I am your Mother Gaia and I wrap you all tonight in a blanket of deep green earthy love. Allow me to envelope you and soothe your tears away. We are complete you and I. We are together. We are one. Once humanity realizes this all destruction will cease, hearts will open, hands will serve. But you my friends are the privileged few reading these words to start this physical tsunami of love and service to each other, spreading it all around the world – me! Rejoice! We are all in this together. I am your Mother Gaia.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl