NOW Clearing Our Cosmic Akash: Are YOU Truly Ready for YOUR Entire Matrix Reality to Quantum Shift?

mike quinsey eraoflightThis is where we ARE now…. This means HUGE shifts for all. Individually and collectively, in absolutely every way. ♥

A few weeks ago we began clearing the Cosmic Akash. No, I don’t know we have these things/do these things, until we actually “get there” to “do them”, which is what I share with (you) all. This is a HUGE DEAL, because our Cosmic Akash is WHERE THE ENTIRE MATRIX SYSTEM IS/WAS STORED… on a cellular level, inside of our bodies (and our brain), and until my neural pathways opened up this area (painful at first/over weeks), for me to see/understand and be able to share…. I had no clue, HOW all this worked… tis how it works for us all. Access is “granted” within us, as our Physical Plasma Crystalline Light Bodies evolve and activate that “level” of our own Higher/Highest Consciousness DNA through PURITY, which directly affects our/the Physical REALity, for the “PROGRAMS” become visible as we are ready to SEE, as we achieve that vibration and HOLD it through/in/with everything that we are and do. ↓↓↓

This is WHERE and HOW our ENTIRE Matrix Program was CREATED and HELD… to form all Matrix Realities (Old Earth/Unconscious and NEW Earth/Crystalline/Plasma/Etheric). How the programs are activated to PLAY OUT, how they came to be, how all takes form and the POWER TO SHIFT THE ENTIRE MATRIX SYSTEM OVER from one to another…. This is what has opened up for all of us now…. (and Quantum Accelerates the “clearing” of “karmic” (unconscious timelines/realities/programs).We each have a MATRIX FIELD… an intricate WEB, and intricate SYSTEM …. all dictated by our own OVERALL VIBRATION and LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS… that CREATES the entire internal and external realities…. that “tells” the physical what to do, that transmits/receives and CODES all, through advanced Geometrics… that DICTATES what APPEARS to be REAL…..For the FULLY Conscious Light BEing, this entire Quantum Field of Consciousness is VISIBLE, ACCESS-ABLEE, TUNE-ABLE AND RE-PROGRAMMABLE… Just through presence, awareness, observation…. our Quantum Abilities give us the capability to observe REALity before/prior and as all occurs and TUNE everything to a much higher dimensional reality… and to call that forth to “appear”, arrive, materialize into “our” physical form, into what is PERCEIVED as REALity….. as REALity is vibrational, energetic and takes form in RESPONSE to our own CAPABILITIES to Tune IN and See….. and to CHANGE the ENTIRE VIBRATION…. therefore changing the entire reality…

REALITY on the physical level and REALITY on the Quantum Level, to the human aspect, appears to be two different things… to US… they are the same… yet opposites/backwards…. because of where we FUNCTION FROM….. Human aspects function from the physical, which is slower, more dense and “harder”, because it’s working with the physical that has already taken shape and trying to manipulate/maneuver the physical…. which takes much more effort and energy, because of how much human energy it takes to CHANGE THE FORM/DENSITY OF MATTER…. whereas for us, we function from a Quantum Space of Super Consciousness, where the physical takes new form FOR US… based upon our own Access on a Super Quantum Level… through the correlation of how PHYSICAL MATTER REALITIES TAKE FORM….. which is a response to each’s own Consciousness…..

To see and understand physical dimensions and to have the ABILITY TO CHOOSE, SHIFT AND move in and out of multiple ones simultaneously, consciously, intentionally and maintain the highest consciousness all of the time… takes all of our own Presence and Inner-Connectedness… 24/7, in every experience, every exchange and an immense amount of POWER to HOLD THE ENTIRE COLLECTIVE MATRIX FIELD IN PLACE…. with our consciousness, with our bodies, with everything….. so that the DIMENSION WE OCCUPY WITH OUR CONSCIOUSNESS can affect, dictate and re-code everything in it to the highest vibrational everything and hold it/keep it there… at all times.

WE are the ONES RESPONSIBLE for the entire FIELD… and what occurs/plays out in it. All of us who have been doing “this work” for years/eons/all existences, now HOLD THE NEW EARTH MATRIX FIELD IN PLACE…. while the OLD EARTH MATRIX unravels, collapses, re-codes and does it’s thing…. WE, as Cosmic Light BEings, through an intricate WEB OF LIGHT, tuned to Gaia, each other and all of “space” and “time”…. we affect the physical, consciously, intentionally, with every breath that we breathe…..

This LOVE is PURE and touches/activates the light of all to awaken to emerge, assists all with REMEMBERING again… and anything less… not an option anymore…

The clearing of our COSMIC AKASH, means within Gaia, Universally/Atmospherically, in our Physical Bodies and Physical Realities too. This will AMPLIFY ALL (amp all up), “bigger” than anything any of us have experienced thus far. This clearing runs through the VEINS of our Earth and own Earthly Bodies and Fields, Cosmically Realigning and Harmonizing everything VIBRATIONALLY in the most POWERFUL, subtle and energetic ways….

THE REALITY YOU EXPERIENCE will be dictated by your own LEVEL/SPACE of CONSCIOUSNESS you Occupy and hold….

The REALITY you experience will be the one your body transmits out, your words transmit out, your actions transmit out, your through your own FIELD…. and whether you are fully connected or disconnected from this, will determine the actual physical experience….

The REALITY you call forth to experience, will be/is based upon what you “put out”. Consciously or Consciously…. if you are unaware of your own programs and not fully conscious to shift them IMMEDIATELY, then they will play out in your physical to assist you with WAKING UP from your deep sleep and amnesia, to dissolve those veils inside, to tune you into your own UNIVERSE within you….

Your own Level of Consciousness opens up/calls forth opportUNITY to assist you constantly in fulfilling your highest purposes/missions/roles here. Your separation (ego/unconsciousness) will close the door/portal/gateway, your full consciousness will utilize this for the purposes all serves…

COSMIC AKASH = THE ENTIRE MATRIX: Programs, systems, inner-workings, structures… of ALL REALITIES….. Access to this by each is a GAME CHANGER… for us all. Clearing THIS AKASH from our physical bodies is done by each one of us…. through active participation in anchoring, holding, embodying, BEing and DOing our highest vibrational everything here….. The process can be a natural organic easy one or a harsh one… (harsh is only for the ego aspect, to dissolve/break down those programs/walls/fixed mentalities/unconscious beliefs) and MOVE EACH from old unconscious realities into fully consciousness ones…..

We have individual and collective AKASH’s… many along the way. Each one must be cleared to achieve the ability to consciously clear the/our COSMIC AKASH with great ease. This is like your “cache”, like clearing your entire “history” and constantly starting from scratch/anew.

EMBODIED AVATARS hold the ability to see and clear the Entire Cosmic Akash on every level (Quantum). The physical, mental, emotional and etheric…. as all are ONE to us. We can “look across” every dimensional plane of existence and clear everything, as well as inside of our physical bodies and physical realities, as all are ONE and work simultaneously and in unison from within us here.

Each have the CAPABILITY to shift to Quantum and out of Linear at any time. It takes complete surrender of your human ego aspect, complete surrender of your physical body, complete surrender to honor, allow, release and take full responsibility for your everything, as your Higher Selves and to ONLY participate in, create, allow and support that which is fully aligned in EVERY WAY… no more exceptions, excuses or “taking the short-cut/easy way”… Easy comes as each STOPS RE-CREATING the old over and over and over again and starts LIVING FULLY from their highest state of consciousness IN EVERY MOMENT…..

Clearing those programs of “I’m not ready” to let go of the old and embrace the perceived unknown…. is KEY (KEY CODE) FOR EASE to replace struggle and inner fight. As each truly is fully ready and embracing NEW EARTH as their ENTIRE REALITY … then NEW EARTH APPEARS in the physical, constantly, all around us…. to experience…. as OLD Earth was each’s creation too. ♥

This is a biggie. June 6th is a Cosmic Trigger for us all….. (we don’t “wait” for dates, as that’s linear)… it’s an awareness that COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS catapults all into much higher alternatives than ever before here.

Get ready loves…. I’ll write/share more as we go. Cosmic Body Templates (Rainbow & Diamond) are a much higher vibration than our Ascension Rainbow Body Templates, which all merge into ONE Vast Body Template spanning all. Cosmic Ray blasts and DNA/template upgrades increase substantially in re-TUNE-ing the physical body to bring the physical into a much higher/lighter density through PURIFICATION processes, which will be “off the charts” (human doesn’t get to control anymore). Each’s ability to WEATHER these Cosmic Blasts of mega radiation, mega Rays that bombard our physical when we go “wide open”, as Sun/Star Gates open up, gateways open up, passageways begin…. the IMMENSITY of NECESSITY of INTEGRATION, ACCLIMATION, STABILIZATION AND RE-CALIBRATION of the ELECTRO-MAGNETICS of our entire body/field is about to be ACCELERATED like never before. For those who dedicate to honoring this, it will be much easier…. because you “get it” and you truly care, because you’ve accepted and taken responsibility for fulfilling why you are here on this Earth now. As the Bridgers/Bridgekeepers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers and NETworking system of our Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth, you understand the importance of honoring yourself and all others as LOVE, the POWER that you HOLD as PURE LOVE and the DIFFERENCE YOU CAN MAKE by being, shining, sharing your Light with all, as well as your resources, connections and all that you are GIFTED to have access to…. the purposes and HOW you are to USE/Utilize ALL for the much bigger picture for ALL OF HUmanity here. ♥

I Love you. Thank YOU to all who are on-board fully and holding NEW EARTH FIRMLY IN PLACE. No, we don’t waver…. our foundations are built upon solid foundations that get stronger and more brilliant in every moment of every day. ♥

Let’s do this loves! Anchor those new highest vibrational realities into this physical and HOLD all, share all, support all, connect all…. AS LOVE….. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation and Quantum Teaching Article to assist all here. ♥