Yeshua: Life is Whole, Not Perfect

yeshua eraoflightEnlightenment cannot be planned. Perfectionism is the ego’s curse. Therefore I invite you to become whole and to let go of any thought about perfection.


Christ consciousness is achieved when a person can fully resonate and get in tune with the present moment. Life is here and it is lived in the now.

Many people plan their spiritual development. They selectively attend this or that class or specifically seek the proximity to this or that “master”. They map out their spiritual path the same way they have planned their life or career. This fact always leads to disappointment, because if someone tries to come up with the perfect plan for enlightenment, they haven’t grasped the essence of spirituality.

Perfection on the spiritual path is the reason why the goal is never achieved, because this person always looks in the wrong direction. Perfection lies in the future, but the spiritual path can only be walked on in the here and now.

Contrary to your ego-nature, your spiritual nature knows wholeness and perfection. Perfectionism belongs to the mind – only the heart offers a glimpse of the wholeness of all life, and only with your heart you can truly see.

While your mind is making plans, your heart has already realized, and while your ego has regrets about the past or expectations about the future, your heart has long reaped the happiness that lies in the present moment.

Aura of the present moment

Allow yourself to be touched by the aura of the present moment, and get rooted in the here and now. Life is whole, not perfect! So, instead of trying to be perfect, strive for becoming whole. You are whole with everything about you that is not perfect: with all your mistakes and limits.

God accepts you the way you are, God loves you the way you are, and in that way you are whole.

This truth still eludes you, but as soon as you have become awakened you will know what I am talking about here.

I love you endlessly




» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl