Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Disclosure

mira pleiadianGreetings, I am Mira. I am in full service to the earth on the Earth Council, to assist with the ascension of the planet.

I greet you today in a new gateway that was just opened for the ascension process. It will allow more expeditious travel between planetary systems, by giving us more access to strategic locations where our help is needed. We will be installing some more of these as time progresses. We are coming from a place of strength and competency, and so are you. There are increasing numbers of us, because we are on a rapid trajectory to assist the earth’s ascension.

There has been too much outside interference with dark ones going where they do not belong. This is being remedied and will soon be complete. We have numerous ways to purge what needs to be taken care of. We have them running. We are making huge progress and there is still much that we cannot tell you. In the end, you will be made aware of all of it. Right now is not the appropriate time. We have to keep certain information to ourselves.

I can tell you there is a lot going on with your governments. It is behind the scenes. It is election time in the United States. Much change is afoot. Many new people have been called to action. The old system of service to self will be slipping away. You will have better cross representation of the populace. Make the best of the choices at hand. You need to be heard.

It is important that you take a stand on what is most important to you. This is the main way that you will be able to change the planet. Follow your heart and put your energy in to projects of great value. Begin to envision your future. Picture a clean earth. Feel into the abundance that is coming to all of you. See a planet free in all ways. Stay centered and calm. Find new power and strength. Move into the oneness of life with every being on the planet.

We are finding our way to be with you again. Many of us are on the planet already. The truth about us cannot be suppressed. Right now your U.S. government is clearing the deck for full disclosure because they have been told by us that it cannot be stopped. They are trying to save face from anger and distrust when you all know the truth. It could happen sooner than you think. It could shake up many people but it needs to happen. We do not have time for spoon feeding the populace or your government’s control. It is nearly over.

We know that for some of you it brightens your day (or your night) when you see us in the skies. We delight in these maneuvers. We communicate telepathically and enjoy your excitement when we connect. You will begin to see much more of us. Welcome us and this makes it even more favorable.

These are exciting time for all of us. We love and support you.  I am Mira.



» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner


3 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Disclosure”

  1. Bogdan Paul (@EtudeIRS)

    Yes, indeed! Every moment and every note of expectation are clearly versed in ordination of Natural Law(s) and one respects hierarchical Truth(s) as the mode(s) of Reality in which one is nurtured to receive Divine Grace accordingly as the Handmaiden of Divine Love…

  2. Kenneth E. Mecham

    Hello my dears, I hope you all are well. I just had to tell all of you that are guiding us through this incredible journey back into ourselves. I find myself confused in one moment and like a sponge in the next. I truly am growing. I have been seeing lite auras around things I have been just staring at. I find myself seeing or hearing things that would normally make me upset, and I begin too smile instead. I am going out in the woods in the morning and find a big tree to set my back against. I have written down the words of the “Clearing-Healing-Protection affirmation” Be sure if you do this you need to take ( your 4 deep breaths). Then chant three times. I accept the light globe above my head. Then Read the Mantra. Please allow
    yourselves the time to take this in and enjoy it. Your Friend Kenneth E. Mecham III

  3. Kenneth E. Mecham

    Bless you My child As you bring our hearts closer every hour. We love you for yourself & the job you are preforming. Thank You for all of us. Kenneth E. Mecham III & family. “WINK” dadmomkenny@yahoo.com