Yeshua: The Truth Beyond Appearances

yeshua eraoflightAlign with the wisdom and knowing of your heart and only from that standpoint should you attempt to understand what needs more loving attention and find the proper solutions. 

Greetings dear hearts. It is me, Jesus Sananda, your brother, friend, and constant traveling companion with you on this journey that you are undergoing, this journey of love and discovery or, better said, rediscovery of that wonderful New You.

“And what does this mean, dear brother?” you are asking me. It means that you expand and stretch constantly, it means that you grow and continue to adjust to that high vibration and ask your physical self to graciously embody the different frequencies of your multidimensional selves right here and now.

It means that you learn to flow seamlessly and without any effort between all the beautiful parts of yourselves, high and low and in-between. It means that you trust that innate knowing of your heart to take you wherever you need to be in every moment and in the right divine timing.

It means that you do not self-judge or critically analyze for too long whenever less than pleasant events manifest in your reality. But rather, you balance yourselves and align with the wisdom and the knowing of your heart, and look deeper into situations and into the soul’s eyes and hearts to see the truth that lies beyond the appearances. And only from that standpoint should you attempt to understand what needs more loving attention, and through that seek and find the proper solutions.

Being aware in every moment of where you are, where parts of your sweet self are coming to you to be recognized, accepted and lovingly incorporated into your heart. This is the best approach to this empowered New You.

And if you don’t seem to be quite sure why and who is coming your way, then just love them anyway, because love will never fail you, love will never mislead or drag you down. On the contrary, it will open new and wonderful ways for you, it will assist you to feel and become whole and complete in an instant.

Dear hearts, I am here with you when you feel great and optimistic, full of vim and vigor, with great inspiration and excitement regarding your life and future. But I am here with thee and even closer when you travel deeper into your shadows feeling less than happy and joyful.

For I want you to remember that this is only a part and facet of yourself with whom you have chosen purposefully to travel along at this time of massive earthly changes, so you can better assist humanity and everyone else with your love and light. Do not underestimate the uplifting power of your loving presence by merely being on earth at this time.

Know that you are loved and cherished and appreciated for your valor and fortitude.

Stay in peace, stay with my love! Farewell.



» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle