New Moon Update 6/13

full moon eraoflightIf you are sitting on the fence about a choice or decision or even about the way you feel about something, this new moon is a good time to gain some confidence in making a choice and feeling good about the choice you make.

Use the energy of this moon to be in community, cooperation, inspired conversation, weighing in on others dilemmas in a supportive way as well as listening to others contributions to your own process. This is a good reality check point on where you are with your disciplines and follow through. Are you being practical enough? Or does something need to be refined and adjusted?

Don’t be afraid to take baby steps. It is the consistency that is important in discipline. It is what lets spirit know you are serious about your intentions and your commitment regardless of how simple and small the steps are. A New Moon is always a good time to reset, clear the past and restart the new.




Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at

Note: Astrological Notes written by Patricia Liles will now be posted once a month on the New Moon and will cover the cycle until the next New Moon. Power Path will continue posting an update every New Moon, Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox.

Gemini New Moon

Sun and Moon in Gemini ~ 23º

Wednesday, June 13 1:43 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(Wed. June 13, 7:43 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Our Gemini cycle reveals how our thoughts, words, and perceptions highly influence how we see the world.  Gemini’s nimble, quick witted and curious mental abilities love networking and information gathering and connecting us all through news and ideas.  Gemini’s prime function is communication and speeding from place to place.  Fleet-footed Mercury is ruler of the Gemini New Moon cycle lending us adaptability, neutrality and up beat, positive attitudes.  The Twins are the symbol of air sign Gemini, a duality, ruling over the dual systems of the body – the arms, hands, lungs (respiration) and also the neural network of nerves that are our electrical system.  We’re susceptible to anxiety and nervousness.  Best to train the mind to take up the art of positive thinking and the calming and centering effects of deep, focused breathing (respiration).

At New Moon, ruler Mercury is in early degrees of Cancer conjoined the Sun and Moon in Gemini turning up our emotional radar and helping us decipher the spoken and unspoken communications in every interaction.  We are able to listen and receive information from an emotionally open place.  Our perceptions of what is right and true are guided by our empathetic, intuitive mind.

A Grand Trine in water signs supports this receptivity and nourishing of our emotionally based needs.  We may speak our truth about our security needs and vulnerabilities with greater ease as well as of our gratitude and delight at what is taking root and blossoming in our lives.  The Grand Water Trine formed by Neptune in Pisces (the Mother of the Oceans) dissolving old habits, boundaries and structures, Jupiter in Scorpio, retrograde and turned inward giving the gifts of transformation from our psychological depths releasing our hidden power so long held in restraint, and Pallas Athena in Cancer creating nurturing environments filled with warmth and security so our feeling nature can relax and heal energetically.

Ruler Mercury in Cancer 2º opposes Saturn in Capricorn 6º retrograde and both are squared by Chiron in Aries 2º – uh oh, that’s a T-Square and pushes us to take responsibility for what we create with our thoughts and spoken words and make some decisive moves in recognizing and clearing any troubling lessons we receive in our communications especially where authority is involved.  Are you acting like an ‘authority’ to cover other feelings?


New Moon is followed by the powerful time of Solstice on June 21 – either the height of the solar power on first day of Summer (Northern Hemisphere) or the lowest point of solar power in Winter (Southern Hemisphere).  In either case, a solar extreme to be marked and celebrated as most indigenous cultures have done in gratitude for the Sun’s warmth, light and energy so generously given-one of the four most powerful and energized points of the year.  Use this day to open your heart and fill it with light, release all that has gone before, call in protection for your home and family and the support of your ancestors, tribe and clan as the Sun enters Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother.

In this Solstice chart, the feminine Venus in fiery Leo with the North Node opposes masculine Mars in Airy Aquarius with the South Node.  We are aligned with the point of growth in our queenly feminine aspect and releasing our masculine past experience to better serve each other in cooperation. Uranus may fling lightning bolts of awakening into the power dynamics of our relationships to move us forward when we resist.  It’s the Moon in Libra that offers generous assistance to this Mars/Venus polarity at the Nodes; its emotional beauty, balance, and harmony provide the ease and clarity we need to call on our highest selves.  Don’t underestimate the power of the message held in this alignment that our collective mandate is bound to the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, the electrical and the magnetic, in order to open the portals to greater consciousness within ourselves and on this planet.

The Cancer Sun is moving through an opposition to Capricorn Saturn that will continue into Capricorn Full Moon.  It’s time to assess your life – your big picture and reaffirm your priorities at Solstice.  Determine what is distracting you from your creative purpose and make some changes.  Balance your Home and your Work energies.  It’s possible you are neglecting your self-care and the nurturing of yourself or those who love you.  Saturn is your Chi Gong master mirroring your weak moves and lack of will.  You’re looking at any discrepancies in what’s on the inside and what you’re manifesting in your external life.  There can be discouragement, self-doubt here, fatigue.  The best is to pick an area where discipline would really be useful and begin to strengthen and build.  Discipline you begin now will carry you into the eclipse season beginning mid July-mid August and hopefully out the other side.


A big topic among astrologers – Mars retrogrades about every two+ years and extends its stay in a sign from 4-6 weeks to 6 months!  Our retrograde is June 26 at 9º Aquarius to August 27 at 29º Capricorn, but Mars isn’t truly out of its shadow period until Oct 9th when it regains 9º Aquarius.  Welcome to a major astro event for 2018.  Well, ‘what does it mean?’ they ask.  Mars is our masculine energy of action, courage and passion, instinctually driven to protect and defend, where we get our ability to initiate and forge ahead to fulfill our desire nature.  Our aggression and competitive nature comes from Mars.  (There’s a horny beast in most everyone who wants what they want and will do most anything to get it.) Another factor here is that Mars is ‘out of bounds’ for 11 weeks of this cycle (July 7-Sept. 24) rising above the path of the Sun and out of its guidance and control making events and people more impulsive, unleashed and prone to extremes.  The last time we had Mars out of bounds (OOB) in 2016, “El Chapo” escaped from a security prison, and the events of 9/11 happened under an extreme Mars OOB.  Usain Bolt, the lightning runner, was born with an extremely OOB Mars.  We might expect some slow down or even reversal of our best-laid plans.  Our will power and ability to push forward may lose its thrust.  Tempers may be quick to flash and chaotic periods of dodging obstacles might slow us down.  Eccentricities and our desire for breaking free will be strong in ourselves and those we encounter.   Here’s the perfect toehold for continuing along a path of paradigm shift and unpredictable, radical social change in the collective.  Political acting out is certainly not out of the question!



June 27, 10:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time

June 28, 04:52 AM Greenwich Mean Time

With the Sun’s shift into Cancer, comes the Full Moon in Capricorn ruled by Saturn.  Saturn, The Lord of Karma, is closely conjunct the Full Moon and expressing in its own sign so is able to accurately reflect to us where we need to step up and take emotional responsibility for our selves.  No side stepping here.  If we’re avoiding important issues in our lives, living too long in an emotional rut, we just may get a knock on our door with a subpoena to show up for some lessons in setting some adult intentions, clarifying just what we want to build in our life, and set some new boundaries about what is and is no longer acceptable.  Saturn can help you crystallize into new reality what has just been hovering below the surface.

Chiron is squaring the Sun and Moon/Saturn.  That’s significant, challenging and a call to the internal, emotional depths.  When our lessons arise, old emotional patterns get triggered, suffering arises (along with whining and blame), we have an opportunity in the emotional crisis handed to us to step up to this initiation and challenge to learn acceptance and surrender to a deeper, fuller human experience.  Resistance does not get us where we want to go.  With Chiron we are invited into an alchemical experience of turning the most wounded parts of ourselves, the most painful, least desirable, most hidden parts of ourselves into true gold, true forgiveness, true self love if we accept the call to this journey.  Mars continued position conjunct South Node moving retrograde also wants to encourage focus on clearing the past to make way for the new.  Uranus’ trine to Moon/Saturn in earth signs is bringing a welcome change in the habits and structures that keep us small and limited.

I’m afraid this is a Moon of our maturity.  HELP!!!

Fortunately, ‘there’s always help along the way’ (wise teacher saying).  We can look to the asteroid goddesses of Vesta, Ceres, and Juno aligned in a Grand Trine in the fire signs 26-28º to inspire us, lift us, and unleash the creativity of our feminine powers of dedication to that which is greater than ourselves, our nurturing and midwifery abilities, and our strength in relationships and partnering savvy and being a champion to the powerless.  Call in your passionate feminine abilities to guide you through your growth process and to lead you in the right direction.

The following times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

07/12 Cancer New Moon/Solar eclipse (partial) 20º 8:48 PM MDT

07/22 Sun enters Leo 3:00 PM MDT

07/27 Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar eclipse 5º (total) 2:21 PM MDT

08/11 Leo New Moon/Solar eclipse (partial) 18º 3:58 AM MDT

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at



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