One Who Serves: The Keys To Manifestation?

mike quinsey eraoflightOne Who Serves

I AM One Who Serves but a different one then is normally with you, if you may not have already known this.

I Am here at this time to be with you to share with you. To share with you something that has become somewhat of a consternation for many of you as we are finding it here. And we are going to attempt to clear that up for you. And that is the idea of materialization. The idea of manifestation; bringing into being what you are wanting. Because many of you are finding it difficult at this time to manifest because you are manifesting in the old ways.

You are manifesting in the old 3-D illusion. And you know in that three-dimensional illusion that you have become so accustomed to, you have this buffer period that occurs where you think of something and you want it to manifest, but it does not manifest quickly. And then you become disconsolate because it does not come to you; it does not materialize in front of you. Because many of you would like to simply put out your hand, and say, have an apple appear in your hand and it is there.

And it is simple to do this. We do this all the time. But you yourselves have difficulty with this because you are still operating in the old paradigm. And in the old paradigm you will not be able to do this. For whatever it might be: money to travel, money to take care of a sick individual, to help them, all of these things that you continue to operate from the old paradigm of the 3-D illusion. Then you will continue to have that buffer period. And your buffer period will be longer based on the consciousness that you are creating it.

So if you want to have a shorter buffer period, you must think it, you must create it in your mind, you must imagine it, see it fully in your mind, but then the most important thing and this is what so many miss out on is you must know that it is already been granted. You must know that it is already coming to you. Because if you ask for it but you do not expect it, you will not get it. That is as simple as it is and you must come to understand this.

Now, when you are asking for something, when you want something to happen in your lives you must raise your vibrations in doing so. Raise your vibrations. Find yourself in higher dimension where you feel the energy, you feel the love, you feel the nature all around you, you feel the connection to your higher self. And when you feel that connection to your higher self whatever it is that you want to manifest will manifest much quicker.

And all of you, we say now all of you are able to do this much quicker now because you have moved more fully out of this 3-D illusionary paradigm. You have moved out of it more and more and more. And as you continue to move out of it, you will find that that buffer zone becomes less and less. And those things that you want to manifest will appear much quicker. Some of you are already seeing this.

You saw an example of this just momentarily here previous, where the one brought out that she does not have the money for this. And as soon as you voice that you do not have the money, then you do not. But because of your being around the vibration of all of the others here in this group Ancient Awakenings, you were able to then ask for something and then you received it without even knowing you are asking for it. You see how this works?

Universe will provide if you allow for the process to happen. This is what you must do. You must allow for the process. This is The Secret … the secret that has been kept hidden from most of mankind for a very long time throughout all of these dark ages.

But as you know you have come out of the dark ages. You have moved into the Light. You are the ones that are anchoring the light. You are the ones that are holding the light here. You are the ones that are spreading the light. And as you continue to hold and spread the light you will create the higher paradigm, the next paradigm, the new Golden Age of Gaia, Nova Earth, whatever you want to call it it is all ONE in the same.

It is all about raising consciousness, raising love throughout the planet and knowing as you are doing that you are the love, that you are the consciousness and the light, you are the “way, the truth, and the life, or the Light”. You see? This is what you must come to understand and then everything that you want in your life will be given to you if it is meant for you. That is always a big IF. If it is for your highest good or those around you for their highest good. You must always take that into consideration. So sometimes when you ask for something and you do not receive it, it is because you are not supposed to at this point.

You have certain lessons still that you are working on learning, not anyone else that is making you learn them. It is you that are making yourself learn them. It is you that is all about the process of manifesting. You that is all about the process of bringing something forward, bringing the lessons forward, remembering who you are. You see? It is not outside of yourself it is within yourself. Just as all healing happens from within yourself.

Yes you might go to a doctor and the doctor might prescribe something and it might help in this situation, it might heal some of the symptoms but it does not heal the cause. Does not get to the root cause of it all. It is you that must reach into yourself and find that root cause, whatever it might be.

We hope that this helps some of you in this manifestation process. Take this deeply. Go deeply within and understand what is occurring here; what is happening here. Okay?

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves now?

Q & A

Q:  First of all I want to say One Who Serves I don’t know why, but when you came on I must know you because I absolutely adore you and that’s what came right to my head. I adore you!

OWS:  And we you as well.

Q:  I adore all of the One Who Serves but there must be some special connection we have so I honor that.

I wanted to ask you about this light — you were listening I’m sure about this light in the earlier exchange – light and all that. The light is always the same every time, and it gets quite appreciably bigger after I do the light, filling myself with light thing and it’s in the colors of the rainbow. It’s always exactly the same in the colors. It’s just like a rainbow. So I was curious is that the aura or is it something different and how is it different? Because it is always the same every time and I’ve heard that auras change color depending upon your mood and whatever. So please get a little information about that.

OWS:  Yes your aura does certainly change as your consciousness shifts, as your thinking shifts, and all of this. That is true. And also as you move into the higher vibrations through the use of meditation or contemplation or going deep within yourself your aura is going to expand and grow just as we did here with you in this meditation where we had you expand your light further and further out. This is because you were in that moving into higher vibration-state at that point and you could do this. And many of you, we know, were able to accomplish this; were able to create your light being an entire city or even an entire state or beyond this, if you were able to continue to push it and create and continue to spread it further and further out. So yes, certainly, as you are in a higher meditative state and move into the higher consciousness you are going to be able to command the light within you much, much greater and expand it out further. This is how the light workers and warriors throughout the planet are spreading the light in this way. Just simply walking into a room even if you are not aware of doing this you are spreading your light. You see?

Q:  Yes and that is the aura then. That same light is the aura. Is that right?

OWS:  Not so much. No, it is somewhat different here. You are working with the aura yes, but the aura comes first. The aura creates the body it is not the other way around. The body does not create the aura. The aura is first. And as you are creating the light you are adding to your aura you see? You are doing it with your imagination. Your visualization skills. Yes. This is how when those in ancient times and even more frequent times where one sees a Master of some type and they see the light around them and it’s the light spread so far out from them this is why. Because as someone is able to work with this light much more, such as a yogi or a Master then those around can see this light. You see? This is where the idea of the halo comes from.

Q:  My question is about manifestation. Do we in the new energy/ New Earth vibrations do we need to be specific let’s say about the amount of money I need to receive, whether for my business or from any other source? Do I need to be specific which car brand I want or is it only focusing on the well-being, being free, having his needs covered? This is a little bit [??] The old energy needed to be real specific and now we don’t know exactly do we need to specify the amount of money or how to go about that?

OWS:  We would say both here. Both. You want to allow for the universe to provide whatever it is that needs to be provided for, but if there is a specific amount that you are looking for then why not create that specific amount whatever it might be for. If you want to, for instance, go to this next Advance — and we would highly recommend it to as many here as can — if you want to go and you do not have the capability at this present time, do as the wonderful Rita said earlier. Just put it out there. Know that you can go and it will be provided for you. But you must know this. You must believe it. Believe and then you will see it. But if you continue to operate in the old paradigm as I said earlier here, if you continue to operate that way then you will continue to have that old paradigm. If you continue to say I do not have the money, I cannot create the money, the money just does not show for me, I am always broke, so on and so on, then that is what you will always have. You see? Keep doing the same thing over and over and over and you cannot expect a different result. You see?

And the other thing, and we want to add this: change the story. If you continue to say the same story, tell the same tale, the same story over and over and over, then that is the way the story is going to continue for you in your life. So if it is doing that, if you are doing that, simply change the story. Change the story that you tell everybody and as you change that story your life will change. It is that simple. Okay?

Q:  Yes. How are you the One Who Serves?

OWS:  We are wonderful as always. What else can there be?

Q:  Just like the other lady say when you said this is a different One Who Serves I just had a warm feeling when you say that. I don’t know why. So I’m like very emotional right now, sorry.

My question is — and I shared this earlier with the group. I’m going through a lot of major life changes and I want to know if there is a reason why I am having these major changes in my life such as like my job, my marriage, my education. I’m going back to school. I left my job. And I just don’t feel that my husband is serving me anymore. We’re just not heading the same way anymore spiritually. So can you enlighten me in that? I just want to know why things are happening at this time.

OWS:  Yes you are going through a transition. All of you are going through a transition. And you will go through it in different ways, certainly, but you are going through it and change is a part of this transition. And also as you are going through this transition the old paradigm, the old guides that you might’ve had with you that have lasted with you not only this lifetime but from other lifetimes, will also be leaving. You are going to lose the familiars in your life. Those ones that created such a comfort zone for you if it is time for you. If it is time for you to move out of the comfort zone, to go through these changes, then this is what your higher self is calling for you to do. And if you allow for the process then it will be seamless. But if you fight it, if you resist it, it will persist. In other words the negative parts of this will persist. So this is where we say so many times Go With the flow. Let it be, here. You see?

Q:  I was on a trip and met a couple where I was staying. The woman asked where I lived and I told her which is by water. She went up to her room and brought down this tiny little crystal for me. (It’s got amethyst in it and I can’t remember what it is exactly.) She gave it to me and asked if I would throw this in the ocean because this has a lot of power in it. And of course I was grateful and I said certainly I would. She said I could keep it for a while and decide when the time was right, and she would know. So as I was walking along the water the other day I saw dolphins, so I decided the next day I was going to throw the crystal in the ocean. So I did. So my question is if you can expand on that and what the significance of that may be.

OWS:  As we find it that this one is reaching back to earlier times where she had the acumen you might say to work with the arts — not the dark arts but the light arts — those such as what you would call white witchery, something like this nature, and has this acumen, this understanding. And the working with crystals comes certainly from much earlier times in Atlantis and Lemuria and all of this. So this one knows that it is important to share the energy. The energy of this particular crystal comes from the ocean and it needed to go back to the ocean. You see? It comes from the sea and needed to go back to the sea. This is what she is saying here from this. And in your responding here you did this. It is very similar in some ways to when one goes through the death process and the body is cremated and the body then or the cremation, the dust, is spread out over the Earth or in the ocean or wherever it might be. “From dust to dust” is your saying here. We can say then here from crystal to crystal. You see? It is not much more profound than this as we are finding it, but this particular one knows about this and was re-creating some of the memory that had from the earlier times here and utilized you to bring this about.

Q:  I had a dream I wanted to get some input from you on. In the dream, this morning, I was in a meeting with several people, (I want to say 12. It felt like a council. May be a Council of Twelve.), and we were discussing life contracts. I said, “Before we incarnate there, we sign a life contract and we know exactly when it ends.” And Randi Joy from our group stood up and she said, “No one comes here (or there) unless they see me first.” And at the end of the meeting each member came up and kissed me and I kissed them and they each told me thank you. And the last man he was very short maybe about 4 feet tall and his skin was blue. I wondered if you could give me some insight on that dream.

OWS:  We can. But before we do so, first of all we ask you what you received from this. What your insight is.

Q:  Well I always wondered about the World Pyramid, when you all mentioned it, and what goes on there. So to me it seems like when we’re discussing our life contracts and our life plans, that that takes place in the World Pyramid.

OWS:  Yes. And we will add then the idea of the 12 here and the Council, you are correct about this. This is the Twelve and the Twelve of the Twelve that Sananda has spoken of many times. And the use of the Randi Joy here is that this was Sananda in this case. Is the one that you must go through Sananda before you can be in these Councils as he has spoken of previously. You see? And the one that is the small one that you are seeing is an ET, you might say, with blue skin from Andromeda. And this is a connection there that you have for this. And we will add here that you specifically that has had this dream, you are important here because you already have your Council seat here, if you are ready to take it when the time comes. And we will add here that many here that are on these calls are also there to take their seats in these Councils when they are developed and ready to go. We cannot say much more on this but Sananda will provide more information at the next Advance about this and have more experiential understanding coming from this as well as you go through these processes that are planned here.

Q:  While I am ready. Thank you so much and I love you.

Q:  First of all I want to thank you for previous I asked you questions and you give so deep answers. My question is, I know I mentioned today about the numbers. I have been seeing, very often, numbers like 44, 33, 55, 1010, 1212. I see them all the time. If I look on the clock it’s always some kind of number. What’s the meaning for me? I know it has some meaning like somebody went online and said this has meaning. But particularly I have been seeing over a year of them.

OWS:  We are not going to give you direct meaning for yourself but we will give meaning for the whole here, in terms of many of you are seeing these same things over and over and over. And it’s signifying change in your life and it is signifying synchronicity that you are going through various synchronicities in your life and becoming more and more aware of these synchronicities. And as you become more aware of these synchronicities, your awakening process develops more and more and more here. And you become aware of synchronicities and more synchronicities/ synchronistic events will happen because of this and it will continue then to raise your consciousness and move you into the higher vibration as a result of this. It is all coordinated together here. You see?

Q:  So it’s everything coordinated. So it means I will overcome this difficulty of what I’m going through?

OWS:  You will overcome these difficulties if you allow yourself to overcome difficulties. Yes. Where there is a will there is a way. But where there is no will there is no way. Remember that.

Q:  I’ve been receiving insights into the fact that we all have innate abilities and I’m beginning to see abilities that I’ve had for long time just never noticed so much to speak of/paid a lot of attention. For example one is I have MapQuest in my head. Like I’m driving a car and I instinctively know which way to turn, left or right. Or I’ll hear I need to find a certain item for my car and I hear AutoZone in my head and turn right and it directs me right to the store that has what I want. The other one is time. I have a powerful connection to time. I haven’t worn a watch in 20 years or used an alarm clock because I just set my internal time clock to wake me up the time and I always wake up. And I wake up with my pineal gland vibrating in my head That’s my alarm clock is my pineal gland. So I’ve known this but it never occurred to me you know we have many innate abilities until now and I’m beginning to recognize them. And could you give me some insight like into this awakening or acknowledgment to ourselves even of these innate abilities that we have.

OWS:  Yes you all have these innate abilities as you are saying. They come in with you and have remained with you your entire life and even lifetimes previous to this. But you have lost the connection with your higher self and this is what has been the disconnect, you might say, between being able to use those abilities or not use those abilities. You see, in some ways you agreed to come here and be a part of this evolution and not have these abilities, and not have the memories of who you are to be able to lose that, to be able to create that disconnect for a time period. But always know that you have never truly been disconnected, you have always had this connection, and it is simply a remembering, a coming back to the understanding that you are connected to the One. That you are the One. And as the One you have the abilities to do everything that the One can do. In other words, the Source within you. You can do everything that the Source can do. ‘All of these things I do so can you do also.’ You see? Just as Yeshua said that. He meant exactly that that everyone has these innate abilities within them. The only thing it takes is to realize that they and their Father are One. And once you come to that full realization, then you are in that ascension process and fully ascended, you will have all of these innate abilities back with you again. But for now you are going through a transition. And in this transition you are receiving or gathering back these abilities maybe slowly but they are coming back to you. And as we have said many, many times you can look at the sky and you can see the clouds and just like anyone else would see simply a cloud you see the image of the cloud or you see the ship within the cloud. You see? This is these abilities coming back to be able to see beyond the physical. To see beyond to see what has always been there but hidden from you. But now it is coming into your understanding and into your view here. Okay?

Q:  Okay. Will I do see the ships but my favorite one of my favorites is being able to detect police officer radar coming up ahead. [Laughs] That is a big one.

Q:  I’ve been meditating more on the Beatitudes. One of the Beatitudes is being ‘meek of heart.’ And the thing about the Beatitudes is it mentions the [inaudible]. Can you help us understand more of what it is to be meek of heart?

OWS:  All of you would be considered the heart at this point and the meek shall inherit the earth. This is what he said in that remember? The meek shall inherit the Earth. And all of you because you are the meek, you are the ones that are not in the forefront, you are … we are trying to get this for you to understand here. You are the ones, you are the way showers, you are the ones that are coming forward here, but you are not the ones that have been in the front, you might say, where the first shall be last and the last shall be first. So you are the last here. You are the ones that are going to then become the first. You are the meek that shall inherit the Earth. You see? So ‘meek of heart’ is exactly that. That you are deep within your heart. Each one of you. More and more of you are opening your heart center. And as you open your heart center you are creating then the light that can then be shared — anchored first and then shared — throughout the planet. So in this way you are inheriting the Earth. You see? And creating the New Earth. Does this make sense to you?

To the one who asked the question, does this work here for you … Make sense?

Q:  I would like to consult about an experience that I had the other day at the ocean. I have been very, very sick for a couple of weeks before and I thought the ocean breeze would be good for me so I go to this boat in the ocean. Almost suddenly I was surrounded by thousands and thousands and thousands of dolphins. Even I saw whales. And as I was sitting on the boat a strong voice inside myself said to me, oh they’ve all come to see you. And I even saw to dolphins on both sides of the boat they came very close and turned their bellies up, kind of communicating with me. But I cannot quite pinpoint what was the message. Can you help me understand?

OWS:  What we can tell you is that the, those of the seas, those of the aquatic world here, they are communicating more and more to those who are ready to communicate with them, to understand them, to know that they are the ones that are also carrying the light for the world. It is not only you, those of you the light workers and warriors, it is also those of the aquatic world as well that are doing so: the dolphins, the whales, all of this. And they are bringing the frequency of the planet, helping to bring the frequency of the planet higher and higher. And as they communicate with you and all those that they are more and more communicating with it is opening up the ancient communication channels that were there previously between the human and the aquatic world here. See? Does this make sense to you?

Q:  Yes. Does it have anything to do with my illness? I’ve been very ill lately.

OWS:  And how do you feel now?

Q:  I feel a lot better.

OWS:  Yes. And you feel a lot better because you communicated with them directly. Have you not heard anyone yet ever say swim with the dolphins and you will feel much better. This is because they put off a frequency. They have a frequency that they can send out and if you are in their frequency and resonate to that frequency, it can bring about a healing process to you. And if nothing else when you are near the ocean, you are near the negative ions that are there. And the negative ions matches more of the body frequency here. The body frequency that it is supposed to be when it is healthy. And the negative ions this is why you feel good when rain comes. You see? The negative ions.

And you feel this certainly at the ocean. When you go to the ocean when you stand on the beach on the sand, put your feet in the sand and feel the sand around your feet and ground into the Earth as you are doing so. And at the same time be aware of the smells. Be aware of how you feel with the air there, the crystal clean air. The negative ions that you are feeling. You see? Get in touch with all of your senses there at the ocean. And we can guarantee you if you go there with say a cold or something of this nature, as long as you do not create a situation where you are uncomfortable — in other words it is too hot or too cold there for you — but if it is just right then you will leave that encounter with the beach and the ocean you will leave that feeling much much better than you were before you went there.

Just a hint for all of you that are living near the ocean here, wherever it might be in whichever coast, and you are feeling down, depressed, or you have ill health of some type, go and sit on the beach and meditate there and feel, as we are saying, feel the Oneness all around you. And feel those negative ions that are there and let them raise your frequency, raise your vibrations. And as you do so everything will become much clearer to you and will bring you into a higher state of consciousness in doing so. And as has been said many times, as you are moved into a higher state of consciousness and into higher vibrations then those things that are creating the illness will dissipate because they cannot be in the higher vibrations. In those higher vibrations you cannot be sick, you cannot have illness, you cannot be in an out-of-balance state in your body. You see? You want to live longer? You want to live longer in the body that you are in now — forgetting about all of the changes that are coming and all the new technologies you just want to live longer now — then find yourself in higher vibrations more and more often and you will find that it will even take years off of your life as [in] you[r] look[s]. You see?

Q:  And they came in thousands and surrounded for miles the boat. It was so spectacular! Miles and miles of dolphins jumping. It was wonderful. I am very grateful. Thank you.

OWS:  Yes. That is an experience that many people throughout the planet never have so you can be grateful and thankful that the Universe has provided that for you.

Q:  Yes. I’m very grateful. And specifically to those two that came so close to me and when they were close to me they turned the belly up like, ‘look at me we are the special ones for you’ kind of. Or that’s what I got.

OWS:  Yes they were opening themselves up to you showing their level of … what are word we are looking for here. Not coming at this point. They were being where they could give themselves up to you. You see? [Surrendering.] Surrendering. Yes that is the word we could have been looking for here. Yes, surrendering themselves to you. Just as a dog. When a dog is surrendering itself to you it wants to show you that it is letting itself go to whatever you are wanting it to do and it turns over on its’ back and puts its’ legs up and makes itself completely vulnerable. That was other word we were looking for here. Vulnerable to you. This is what was occurring here.

Q:  A quick question about the Advance coming up. I really feel it’s going to be like extra special. There is a big surprise I just know it. There is a big big big surprise. And my higher self says that they won’t give the surprise away but it’s got something to do with, if the frequency and the vibration is right at the time of the 888 Lion’s Gate Portal plus after the summer solstice which is coming. If we’re at that particular vibration frequency at that time, something big is going to happen. Exciting. I’m seeing definitely something big is happening at the Advance. It’s going to be really special.

OWS:  You have created a hint here for everybody. It has not yet been given but it is related to the Lion’s Gate yes.

Q:  Yes. Athena she told me it’s got to do with the Lions gate and then these …

OWS:  You are meaning … you are meaning right after that. Right after the 888.

Q:  That is right. The day after so it’s going to be very significant. We’re going to be in this energy vortex or something with the Lion’s Gate portal so if all goes well something magic is going to happen. So yes I’m looking forward to it.

OWS:  That’s because a new Gate will have opened up here. That is just a hint now at this point.

Q:  Well I said we are ready. We are ready for the surprise. We really are we really are I feel it’s I do everyone here on the phone every one that’s going to be going to the advance I really see it my heart of hearts that we are already every one of us.

OWS:  Yes. We are ready also.

Q:  I just wanted to know why 555 is being added to my numbers synchronicities I’ve been having at this moment.

OWS:  We have already answered that question earlier to another who has asked this and it is very similar in the same to the question you are asking now. So please refer back to the answer that was given at that time.


We are then going to release channel. But before we do here know in your earlier conversation you were speaking about how the vibrations from those who are coming from above in terms of Galactics, the Ascended Masters, etc., and why we have said many times that we are not going to come down to you you must come up to us. And this is because — and those of you that expressed this earlier that you find yourself in a lower density and lower vibrations and how it makes you feel – well it is very similar to how when we would come into your vibration — not so much your vibration now because your vibrations are increasing but to more of what you would call the mass populace and their vibrations — it is very uncomfortable for us to do so and certainly for the Galactics to do so.

And this is why they have not yet come en masse you might say to the planet here. Because the vibrations are still yet too low. But as the vibrations continue to increase then they will be able to come and show themselves to more and more and more of you as your vibrations continue to increase. You see? They can lower themselves somewhat, but they are not going to lower themselves to the point where they are vulnerable to the low vibrations here. You see?

This is what we wanted to say here. So know as you continue to go through your transition, as you continue to raise your vibrations, then you will create a situation where it would be possible for those of the Galactics, you might say, to show themselves more and more. And even to have maybe a full manifestation by those of us, the Ascended Masters or the Galactics or any of the above here. This is also a hint here that has been given. But unlike our other One Who Serves here I am not going to go into a whole lot more because I do not [inaudible due to laughter/open mic].

We are going to release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



Channeled by James McConnell

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