The Grandmothers: Great Things Are Afoot

grandmothers speakGreat things are afoot,” the Grandmothers said. “Greater than you can imagine.”

“But Grandmothers,” I said, dumbfounded, “it doesn’t look like that. The world leaders!” I exclaimed and shook my head, “and even the way every-day people are treating each other!  It’s just plain awful. What do you mean by “great things are afoot“?

Smiling, the Grandmothers  turned and looked me over. “Do you think we should tell her?” they asked. I stared and my mouth dropped open. Were they playing with me? Was this a joke?

“You need a new way to view life,” they said. “Your eye level isn’t high enough. Lift your head,” they said and immediately I pulled myself up. Straighten your back,” they said, “and lift your head. Don’t look down at the ground. Keep your head up.

“Change is happening everywhere on Earth now,” they said, “but the change you are looking for is happening higher up, above the horizon line. Look up,” they said again. “Look straight ahead and then up, not down. The sun is shining still,” they said. “Life is lying there before you. Choose life,” they said.

“When you become fixated on the storms, on the violence and cruelties taking place in the world, you lose perspective. Take the long view,” they said. You must take the long view if you are going to truly see. Truly see and see truly,” they emphasized. “Look ahead. Look ahead and then up.

“Let others get down and dirty if they must. Let them play in the mud,” they said, “but don’t you do that. Don’t get caught in anger, fear, and hopelessness. No!” they stamped their feet. “That’s not for you. You are here to hold and uphold the radiance of the Net of Light. Long ago we told you about the times of change that were coming to Earth and now they’re here. So let happen what must happen. Let change take center stage for a while. Let it have its way as you-you stand as a Beacon and uphold the Net of Light. You have work to do here,” the Grandmothers said, “so do it!

“You are not a lost soul, you’re not even an easily defeated soul. You are a light bearer, so keep your head up and from that position, hold light steady. Do this for yourself and for those who are struggling to lift themselves out of the mud. Help ever, hurt never. Be of service wherever you can and by your example, help light the way for others.

“You can do it,” they declared. “We knew what we were doing when we called you to this work; we do not make mistakes. Great things are on their way. The darkness of the times you’re living in will not last. Soon waves of love will roll forth from places you cannot even begin to imagine. Goodness will swell from the Source of Goodness itself and this goodness will blanket the Earth. Humanity will awaken to its divine nature and as this takes place, loving-kindness will return to Earth. And it will return in force!” the Grandmothers cried, smacking a fist into a hand. “Darkness is being purged from the Earth so more light can infuse your beloved planet. Wait and watch,” they said. “Wait and watch and while you wait, hold steady. Anchor the light.

“You are our own,” they smiled as they embraced me, “and we called you to this work because we knew you could do it.”



» Channel: Sharon McErlane

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