Life Tapestry Creation: Innovation Prep Time

creator writings eraoflightDear Ones,

A large part of 3D power is declaring your rightness despite information provided by another view.

There is no right or wrong. A difficult concept to accept at this point in your development. Not because you are a slow learner, but because you have been trained for eons to pick a side, to know the right answer.

During this time of chaos, there is no right answer. Of course, you beg to differ for you are certain that love cannot be anything but what you decide. But then, if you are right, others are wrong – even those of 5D or beyond.

You now likely believe the beliefs of all those of 5D or beyond are similar to yours. We beg to differ. If you polled those of 5D or beyond, you would discover that their actions are as varied as they are.

You are no longer of one voice as you were trained to be in 3D.

“Given those parameters, how is a new world to be created?” is most likely your response to that concept. You have forgotten that each of you is on a unique path with unique skills.

If everyone thought and acted like you, creations would be minimal. For creations are of the new.

Throughout 3D history, those outside the norm created the innovations.

Crowd pleasers, those wishing to stay within the boundaries established by others, are never innovators. Instead, they are the followers of innovators.

You are starting to accept those who think outside the box. And soon you will be amazed as you become one of them.

Your interests and skills are not designed to be like others. You forerunners are at the apex of innovation and therefore, thought and action. That does not necessarily mean you will create an airplane or a computer, but that your unique thoughts might be the starting point of something larger.

You are running ahead of all earthlings to clear the way which likely includes new thoughts and actions not yet part of the whole. The same is true for other forerunners. So it is that no one, including you, is comfortable within the confines of who you should be.

Such does not mean anarchy, but instead innovation. New music, theater, dance, scientific discoveries, and social structures will be initiated, if not completed by you. Such cannot happen if everyone thinks and acts alike.

So it is there is much more disparity between you of 5D and beyond than there ever was when you were all of 3D.

This is not a time of following anyone or anything, it is a time of innovation in all aspects of your life and all aspects of the earth.

Such cannot and will not happen if you are herded into one pen of cohesion.

Knowing that even those of 5D and beyond will not be like you other than having a need for innovation might be frightening. For how can you create a community of love if you are all different?

If you process this information a bit differently, you will realize the concept is not much different from 3D communities. In 3D, you did not find it unusual to discover different people had different interests and skills. There were bankers, politicians, families, single individuals, police, fire personnel, farmers, artists and on and on. Each with unique interests that blended into one to form a community. Even though those in various fields were not necessarily concerned about the same issues, they discovered like-minded people to interact with and thus be part of the whole.

Something similar will happen in New Earth once you blaze the trail. So it is you are less likely to immediately find others with similar interests. This transition is an evolutionary process. You are the first to create a unique path that others may or may not enhance.

So it is you cannot expect others of 5D or beyond to be just like you any more than you can change your skin color. It is who you are. You decided before your entrance to earth in this lifetime that you were skilled enough to be a trailblazer.

Your only role now is to discover and function in your joy. For that joy will lead to your innovative skills. Skills coming to the forefront within the next few weeks.

You might not yet know where to focus, but you will. And as you do, you may or may not find others with a similar focus. For you are the leader. Those who follow are the followers.

Even though you might initiate an activity or plan, that does not mean you will have a need to bring it to fruition – you might be the starter yeast, as it were.

At the same time, others not interested in similar actions or activities might irritate you. For cannot they see how important your thoughts and processes are? Your focus is not that important to others for their focus has nothing to do with yours.

A trailblazer is at the forefront. So it is for you now. Most of your followers or completers, if you will, have not yet reached your level of transition expertise. They will shortly.

You are creating with unique thoughts and skills as you follow your joy. The same is true for all forerunners.

Forerunners are connecting with awe and love for one another, not sameness. For this is a new age with new skills and new creations – foremost among them is you. So be it. Amen.



» Source » Channel: Brenda Hoffman