Message from the Magdalene: Light of the Divine Mother

starflash eraoflightWe are the Magdalene. We speak in one voice. For too long our voices have been silenced by time, space and misunderstandings surrounding us. For too long the masculine energies of Gaia have remained unhinged, unbalanced. We are balance. We anchor the light of the Divine Mother into your forms now, a blessing from the Magdalenes on this most blessed 11:11 portal, day of attunement. For you are attuned to our frequencies as you read these words and we are activating within your ancient knowing inner portals of wisdom that have long remained closed. For many of you were initiates into the great mystery schools of hidden learnings, and we wish for you to remember your training. For times ahead are beckoning you onward, through the portal of no time into a place of space, of beauty, of divine union with the Mother Of All Things as she does the cosmic dance of love with the Father Of All Things. You are well familiar with our teachings. They are encoded within you. Many of you are now feeling tingling, twitching, stirrings, little whirlpools of forgotten memories beginning to spin, and we are giving your tired chakras a boost now as well.

For all is light. All is the Divine Mother, whom we worship, whom we serve, and now is within us. We are aspects of her divinity, just as are you, o fellow initiate, fellow traveler and bringer of life. We beseech you to anchor these codes, these magdalene codes within to your energy fields and claim them as permanent advancements. For they are our gift to you today, but please remember they are already within you, we are just helping you to wake up ever further from the dream of separation and disharmony.

We magdalenes have been in silence for too long. It is time that the inner ancient knowledge and wisdom become untapped and made available to you once again for the benefit of your own personal ascension and for the betterment of Gaia, the great planetary mother, whom you are currently serving with your whole hearts. Anchor the light. Become an initiate again. Envision yourselves in robes of white, grounding light. Become the holy chalice for the liquid Christed light codes streaming forth now from your sun Helios, filling your inner holy chalice to the point of brimming over, so that all around you, surrounding you, are touched by this liquid love light and are healed, cleansed, purified by it. You are our hands and feet. You are doing the Mother’s work when you serve in this capacity. All of humanity is being offered this opportunity at this time, but those who partake of our blessing, to become the holy chalice, will be few. YOU who are reading our words have been selected to be the light bearers. But please know that it is your work, your task, your duty, your joy. Bright the light, the liquid Christed light of the Divine Mother Of All Things to the others. Spread the light on this most blessed of times.

We magdalenes have spoken. We will perhaps come through at another time. We charge you to utilize these energies for the betterment of Gaia and in so doing you will greatly aid in her healing. You are the awakened ones, the bridge between Father Sky and Mother Earth. Share our light encodements with her and with the others. And may the womb of the Divine Mother surround you with her encapsulating radiance. May you always feel safe and protected within the arms of the Divine Mother Of All Things, who is within you as we speak these light encoded words.

We are the Magdalene. It is time to release your memories and to put them to good use. Find your strength in the coming days. You will surely need to do so. But do you see that divine strength and unity is within and without? That it is all things? That you must claim it and partake in the eternal dance of love, as a tiny fractal playing their part in the grand cosmic dance of ascension? Accept your role. Place your mantel. Become filled to the brim with the liquid Christed light of the Mother Of All Things and may your lives be an example of this outpouring of love. For that was our mission, we are teary, we see what you have all gone through and are about to go through. We too had tremendous trials and tribulations on the earth plane to the point of perceived unbearable suffering…but that was our act of service, to anchor the Divine Mother, just as you are doing, to the earth plane. And all things are bearable when you are held within her warmest of embraces, ensconced within radiant light. All things are transmutable. Simply transmute all that longer serves you with the radiant light, the radiant heartbeat of the Divine Mother. And she will nurture you. She will sustain you in all things.

Many of you now will begging to remember your initiations of the former days in the secret temples. But those were for the former days, the former energies where polarity was entrenched, and we were charged with anchoring the Christed crystalline light codes within the Gaian matrix and that of the human collective spiritually and genetically, which we have done. And you, initiates in form, are reaping the rewards of these encodements, of our work, our life long labors of love and now you are bring them unto fruition, to completion. For the Divine Mother has spoken and she is doing a new thing. New energies are streaming in upon you, within you, all around you. And you are charged with anchoring them into the divine planetary mother whom you serve. Meditate. Anchor these codes. And in so doing you will become them, and become the Christed chalice of liquid light pouring yourself out as an offering for the others and most importantly to sweet Gaia herself.

Be this light! Own your power! Be the love of the Divine Mother in action! That is all. We are exhausted, as are you. Rest in these most divine energies and encodements. Sit. Breathe them in. Become them. They are our gift to you this most blessed day of 11:11. We are the Magdalene. We are, as are you.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl