Heavenletters: Wondrous Strange

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, We as One emanate from a spiral. Your spine resembles a spiral. What are spirals made of but connected circles winding and unwinding? Spirals are flexible and bounce. My children take joy in bouncing. Nowhere does nature toss around flat right angles.

Nature certainly does seem to have ideas of its own that you become used to and favor. You love nature landscapes, and you love color. On occasion you admire a monotone landscape enormously as though its uniqueness speaks to your soul.

You love that you can skate on frozen water. To your delight, ice becomes a skating palace. Sometimes you may indeed believe I tease you.

How can the Universe be so varied on the same planet? There are deserts in Arabia and Fjords in Norway and lands of snow where snow never melts.

In this land called Earth, how can anyone be bored? How can any day be routine in a land where the sun shines and surprises are afloat?

Nevertheless, you do have your choice and you are free to see differently. Sometimes you would adore the idea of going back to sleep. At the same time, there are nights when you might like to stay up all night.

Regardless, all is well. All does not have to be as expected. Well, of course the Created World offers so much diversity and meadows as yet not discovered.

There are days when you might like to just as well to go east as any other direction or none of the standard ones. Of course, you would love to climb the stairway to Heaven if you only had a clue. You have heard that someday you will fly. Then what will the birds do? Accompany you, perhaps, and sing to you in amusement?

Tell Me, what is not possible when nothing is impossible? You’re not sure you want to walk on air. You have tried walking on your hands. You are game at lots of things, and you also may be more diverse than you really want to be.

Some people have swum in a pond when it is freezing cold weather and say they find it invigorating.

The idea that the lame will walk holds great appeal.

To be a soul without having to be stuck in a body holds attraction. In effect, on Earth, to be visibly attached to your body seems to be the only way to stay alive.

As much as your pulse can be taken, this doesn’t always indicate that you are truly alive or that you are fascinated with life at any given moment. How can this be when there is such a feast going on in the whole wide world? You may have traveled to all the lands in the world, and still you haven’t begun to see it all or know what difference it makes to you. Yes, you live and love, yet even great travels and other events recede.

Practically speaking, you get on a ship, and you get off a ship. You embark and debark. Yes, you can return to the same ship, yet you can’t quite return again as who you once were.

This reality, relegated solely to world reality, has greater borders than logical reality may provide.

“Wondrous strange…there are more things on Heaven and Earth than has been thought of in your philosophy, Horatio…” said Hamlet.

And from Babes in Toyland, these words are sung:

“Toyland, Toyland,
Mystical magical Toyland,
Once you pass its borders,
You can ne’er return again…”



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff