Can You Imagine the Outcry if Trump had Violated National Security

rthyCan you imagine the outcry if Trump had violated national security by sending classified emails via a secret server?

Anyone who has even remotely paid attention to the 2016 election cycle is well aware that Hillary Clinton is above the law. Everything she does — no matter how wrong — seems to be beyond criticism from the same media outlets that trash Donald Trump for the most absurd, unfair reasons.

When news initially broke of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, logical Americans were justifiably furious. She was putting national security at risk for reasons that were at best lazy and at worst malicious. And yet, the liberal media and leftist apologists refused to place any amount of blame on her shoulders. Even the FBI gave Clinton a free pass because she didn’t “intend” on doing any harm.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump were in her shoes? He would’ve been completely trashed by every news outlet across the country, while extreme leftists demanded he be punished for his negligent behavior. The mainstream media is looking for any excuse they can to drag Trump through the mud, but go out of their way to make sure Hillary looks clean as a whistle by the end of the night. Even when she does something horribly wrong, liberals continue to cover for her.

It’s completely unfair and unjust. The fact that she doesn’t have to face any repercussions for a felony offense goes completely against everything she claims to stand for. Hillary constantly babbles on and on about how nobody should be beyond serving time for their criminal behavior — and she’s beyond serving time for her criminal behavior!

Regardless of where you stand politically, it’s important to set a standard that nobody is above the law and nobody is above criticism. Hillary Clinton’s behavior deserves punishment and that’s exactly what she should receive. The American people must demand it. Be loud, be persistent, and make your voice heard.

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