Archangel Metatron and Sophia

aaeMetatron is one of the Regent Princes of the Seraphim; Chancellor of Heaven; the Scribe who takes down God’s words and sometimes known as the “King of the Angels”. In the celestial hierarchy, he stands at the head of the Archaeons, and has the highest vibration of them all. His name ends in “ON”, meaning “great”. His name has been given no translation, but may mean “Great Assessor of Light” (metator = “measurer”). It has to be said that he has an immense sense of humour, and can at times be very mischievous. He is the Cosmic joker! He and his Lady, Sophia – the Lady Constance, have an etheric Temple of Light over Luxor, Egypt, which was the Capital of Ancient Egypt. He works closely with Serapis Bey and the Ascension Flame in the Ascension Temples at Giza.

We may associate him with the colours iridescent white, gold and bronze, but his colour is also the velvety blackness of the Void. This is part of his realm, for he is the Alpha and the Omega – the Beginning and the End, and the Guardian of the Threshold. He guards the threshold between form and non-form, standing at the opposite bridgehead to Archaeon Uriel on the Bridge of Light between the Divine and the Earthly. Beyond him is the Void (the birth place of all things and the space within which all possibilities are contained) of which he is a Master. Metatron said this about the void: “The gateway and the void are not external to yourselves – instead they exist within each one of you. Accessing this point, this still point, the “Eye of God” may be achieved through meditation and going within.” It is only when we are co-creating our reality in total harmony with our life’s purpose that we can truly feel complete, at peace and at one with God. To aid us with this, Metatron gives us the gift of clear and perceptive thought, which helps open our minds to new dimensions of consciousness. This insight helps us see, recognise and resolve any obstacles on our path or within our Being and also helps us understand the consequences of all our thoughts, words and deeds.

It has been said by some that Metatron has had lifetimes in human carnation, and he is said to have been incarnate as Enoch, the great teacher, philosopher and visionary who saw the great “Chariots of Fire”, and was the source of the material known as “The Keys of Enoch”. I asked him if this was true. He replied: “Was I incarnate as Enoch? No. That was not my role. Although it would be true to say in your descriptive terms that I overshadowed him indeed. I was with him as a guiding Light and influence. You also ask if I had lifetimes in forms other than my own. Again, I reply no. I have always been the energy being that you describe as Metatron. I have and always will be one and the same. There is no change, no alteration from this. But my influence and my energies are spread far and wide. And so it may be that there are places or times where you feel a sense of my energy, which feels familiar to you. It is as if I have left a mark of myself in those places. I AM beloved of God. I simply stand close to the Creator and do His bidding and carry out His Will, to direct mankind to the path that they require to take in order to complete their journeys home.”

Metatron is associated with the symbol of a blacksmith’s hammer, which represents the shattering of our realities, and then the forging of new ones. As a consequence he participates in the creation of all things, including the Universe, Galactic and planetary systems and social structures within the spiritual world (including the birth of soul groups and all souls). Once created, all things must evolve in order to grow, and so he also works as the Archaeon of Transition in harmony with Azrael. His power is immense, and his presence will increase our consciousness and vibration, so when working with him we need to be fully grounded in order to assimilate any changes, whilst acknowledging to ourselves the necessity of remaining on the Earth! He is a Master at creating, working with and bringing down Light. His energy is refined, strong, clarifying and pure. Behind his strength, however, you will find a blissful all encompassing love: his power also being that of Love, the Power of God. One of his tasks is to connect us with God’s love and to open our hearts, because it is through love that all possibilities are given form. To see ourselves as loving beings, we need to remove all illusion and doubt and find the True Self at the very core of our Being.
Metatron works closely in partnership with Archaeon Michael and Lord Melchisadek, overseeing Earth’s spiritual evolution and our ascension programme. He is head of the Sirian Central Sun Council and oversees the “zone of overlap” together with Melchisadek and Michael. Metatron is “gatekeeper” and responsible for sealing the gateway of the 11:11 at the end of 2012, at which time our ascension programme will be complete. He will be the last to leave this plane of Earth, our “temple of duality”.

Metatron teaches us to fly with him and not be afraid to let our consciousness expand and take us to places we know nothing about. He brings great rewards for those who have the courage to step with him into the abyss – for the void is full of potential for those who have the courage to seek it. With his help all things are possible for those prepared to let go and surrender totally to Divine Will.

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