Archangel Haniel, Chief of the Virtues

hhArchaeon Haniel is Chief of the Virtues and Chief of the Principalities. He may also be known as Aniel, Hamiel, Anafiel or Anael. His name means “He who sees God”. Haniel is a master of the lessons of polarity and duality and of synchronicity, who brings together friends and lovers and then supports them in their relationships. He also rules all matters of peace, beauty, grace and art and brings harmony and inspiration to our lives. He is ruler of the month of December, the astrological sign of Capricorn, and thus may be associated with Saturn. He is closely connected with the planet Venus from where he and his twin flame originate, which is illustrated by their luminescent white skin and hair. They came to Earth long ago with a large team of Ascended Beings and Angels to serve with Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara in their endeavours to return Earth to the Path of Light. Gautama Buddha and Sananda (Jesus) both also originate from Venus and it is said too that Venusians were early Earth settlers in the times of Lemuria.

Depicted by some as wearing an emerald green robe and carrying a lantern, he showed himself to us wearing a ceremonial cloak of feathers in the Aztec style. This brings out his associations with the Aztec ruler and God, Quetzalcoatl, as whom he incarnated many years ago in what we know as South America. He has had other incarnations, another one of which was as one of Gautama Buddha’s first pupils and his affinity with the principles of Buddhism remain an important aspect of his teachings now. Haniel also works closely with Sanat Kumara, the Maha Chohan, Hilarion, Uriel and Metatron. He helps us utilise star energies, especially when we use them to make or charge healing remedies or energise crystals. His Archeia, the Lady Radiant, is known as Maryllisa for the flower “Amaryllis Belladonna” – a play on the words meaning “a Mary lily: beautiful lady”. They have a retreat on Earth called ETAE, which means “and always”. This is situated both on the surface and in the ethers of the highest of the mountain ranges of Puno, north / north-east of Lake Titicaca in Peru.
Haniel works with the White ray of Purity and the Orange Ray of Logic, Reason and Knowledge. This ray has the depth and thrust to get right to the “heart of the matter” and is the ray to move us away from living life solely through our emotional body where we are constantly reacting to events that have already happened in our lives, to a life where we are taking the initiative and actively shaping the life we want to have. It is the ray of the researcher and the scientist, but on a personal level it encourages new ways of thinking, supports expansion of all our senses and challenges us to extend our boundaries or change our perceptions.

Haniel is also a teacher of the theme of illusion and expectations – he shows us what our expectations are (of ourselves, others or situations we find ourselves in) and then shows us which expectations are justified and appropriate and which are not. He thus teaches us to have realistic expectations of ourselves and others. This guidance may help us recognise our inner feelings and identify patterns of behaviour more clearly. Haniel said: “In order to stand for your truth and speak your truth, you need to know your truth. And to know your truth you need to know yourself. And that means looking within, to examine and question each and every part of your existence – to truly understand your own feelings. Many peoples’ issues are clouded with the beliefs they have about themselves that they hold to be true, but which simply are not! Those beliefs may have been given to them through others’ opinions or words; or from their own emotional reactions to things that have happened in their life; or the belief systems that have been an integral part of their lives – past and present. Few people have the ability to see through to their very core: to see themselves as they truly are. Find yourself first – and then find your truths.” Haniel also helps us to live in the present – to be consciously living each and every waking minute, without wasting time and energy over what has happened / is going to happen. Living in the present helps us flow through life, with faith and trust.

Haniel helps us accept our true Light and know that we function on many levels of consciousness, even those we may not yet be aware of. He can accordingly help strengthen our perceptions on the etheric (psychic) levels. By truly knowing ourselves, our talents and abilities and seeing and understanding our true Light we are encouraged to live our lives fully, trusting in ourselves and what we can accomplish. His pure and clarifying light falls on us to help us see the truth and reality at the heart of ourselves, showing us without artifice or illusions so that we know who we truly are. His energy puts us into the spotlight, enabling us to see what our true abilities and talents are. Once we accept our qualities and value ourselves and our capabilities Haniel then gives us the courage to live them and walk our path in the Light of Truth. He gives us the self-belief and strength to show others what we do, how we live, and what our ideals are – and to be proud of it. He will help us dissolve any feelings we may have of not being worthy and give us the confidence to “walk our walk” and “talk our talk”. This frees us up to show ourselves and others exactly what we can do and not be embarrassed by it, ashamed of it or be troubled about others reactions to it. By living our truths openly and by being seen to do so, we may hopefully encourage others to do the same. Haniel had this to say: “In these days there is a need for people who are prepared to stand up and say “This is what I believe in: This is what I find works”, even at the risk of feeling foolish, and even if what you say goes against what is regarded as conventional truths or wisdom. Throughout history there are always forerunners; those who have perhaps brought ridicule upon themselves for their strange concepts and new ideas. But in the end those new ideas have been accepted as truth, and believed, understood and accepted by others as a consequence. And that is also what we need today – more people prepared to stand up for their truths and to be counted and who are prepared to make a difference in the world as she moves forwards toward the end-times.”

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