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Are we going to meet the Anunnaki after The Event?

These are questions I have received via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. All is WITHIN. Q. What should we expect by the end of … Continue reading

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Message From Porda of Mushaba

Greetings Dear Humanity, I am Porda known as “Papa Force” of the Mushaba Family. I come at this time because it is most timely that I share some information with you. To humanity as a whole, I say to you … Continue reading

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Yeshua: Truly, despite all the conflict and confusion arising in the world, all is well

Chaos and confusion appear to be increasing across the planet, but in fact what is happening is just the rising to the surface of humanity’s consciousness many long held beliefs and judgments which are being acted out; it’s just part … Continue reading

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Ohmnipure: One with others

I am here today to let you in on a little secret. There are no secrets at all. All is in the mind of the beholder and therefore all are able to access what is the truth and see what … Continue reading

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Natural Treatments for Diabetes

Undeniably, the number of diabetics is increasing dramatically. Scientifically known as diabetes mellitus, diabetes indicates high blood sugar levels. In general, diabetes is divided into 3 main kinds: type 1, type 2 and type 3. Also, diabetes includes another type … Continue reading

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