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Mother Sekhmet, Nibiru Council: Welcome to Nibiru

Greetings Children of Ra. Welcome to Niburu. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 7, 2016. We have some friends here at the Niburu Council: With me are Alcyone, St Germain, Lady Master Nada and KOS, Captain Ashtar and Admiral … Continue reading

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The Collective: Expanding Your Energies

This week’s channeling answers a reader who asks: I know as a fifth dimensional being living in a fifth dimensional world, that fear is not and cannot be part of the equation. So my question is, How can I let go … Continue reading

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Danish Girl Falls Sick After Receiving HPV Vaccine

A young woman from Denmark has become one of the latest victims of the Gardasil vaccine scam after multiple doctors lied to her about its safety. As relayed by SaneVax.org, the story of Sanni Charlotte Falcke is all too familiar … Continue reading

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Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon Eclipse September 2016

The September 16-17th Lunar Eclipse falls in the watery and intuitive sign of Pisces, making this Full Moon a perfect time to focus on creativity and spirituality. Mother Moon feels at home in the sign of Pisces. It is in … Continue reading

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Save Your Brain From Fluoride Poisoning by Taking Turmeric

It’s a subject we’ve covered in the past, but it’s one well worth revisiting. I’m referring to the health risks associated with exposure to fluoride, and what you can do to protect yourself from its debilitating effects on the brain. … Continue reading

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