Porda of Mushaba: All of You Have Made a Choice


I am Porda and I am here with quite a group of spiritual supporters today! I am also being broadcast planet wide on Mushaba and also to various planets throughout the Universe. Why is this you might ask? What is so important that this kind of attention is being given to the words I share with you today?

Humanity has been on a long, long journey to our enlightenment. I say “our” because I am no longer in a human body, which does not discount

Ohmnipure: There is Something Coming For All of Humanity

shutterstock_129491495There is something coming for all of humanity, and it is waiting in the wings, in a certain respect. It is not only the funds that are being talked about around the globe, but it is as well what will be done with them as they come into the hands and the people begin to explore what they will do with them.

I am Ohmnipure, and I am here to say that there are many people who already have their destinations for the wealth

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Your New Roles

147325490061878Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I continue to work full time with the Earth Council like I have for the past five years.

Our focus is on you, ground crew. We need you to be vigilant too about what is occurring on the planet. We are a co-operative unit with you. We are the galactic alliance. We are here to assist in fulfilling our missions and to see that you achieve yours.

We do this in tandem. Everything that you glean from events we also experience. We need to know your spin on these events. We know

A Message From Greg!

ttotsThanks for your kindness in writing. Of course you may share my site on your’s as that would be much appreciated, thank you for asking. Yes, many have been lost to mindless, warring for profiteering corporations and their flunkies in central governments, and militaries, as well as their ‘owners’ in banking families. The corruption is being seen for what it is, and cleaning of the mess continues, and picks up speed. You may find the attached pdf: radioactivity-neutralization-methods on methods of cleaning up nuclear waste of interest. <www.eagle-research.com> in Oroville, WA, has a note on the proven use of HHO (Brown’s Gas) in Canada

Archangel Muriel: Patron of Empaths

147329099131997Muriel, whose name means “God’s Perfume”, is the Angel of Divine Light and Love, emotion and grace within, and is the patron angel of empaths. She helps us to gain greater control over and fine tune our emotions to “feel” at a higher level. Muriel will help you to be able to pick out what others are feeling while enabling you to channel these emotions in a more constructive and productive manner. By being able to “feel” the emotions of others, while keeping your own in check, you will be able to discern the needs of others and be of greater service to the Light.

Toxic air pollution particles found in human brains, possible Alzheimer’s link – Study

arTiny magnetic particles called “magnetite nanoparticles” present in air pollution have, for the first time, been discovered in human brains, and researchers think it could be a possible cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

They found that many of the highly magnetic brain samples were from people under 40 from Mexico City who had been exposed to high levels of air pollution, and from people in Manchester over 65 years at time of death with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease.

Cannabis, Coconut Oil – Powerful Mixture To Kill Cancer Cell

cannabisCannabis infused coconut oil is best and most potent methods of making cannabis infused oils. Consumption of cannabis as infusion in coconut oil is the healthiest and simplest method for medical purposes. Combination of coconut oil and marijuana gives a cannabinoid which is powerful miture that can be used with food, taken as a capsule or used externally.