Zap/Poofness 9/18/2016

poof-text-with-comic-effect_1823171POOF SAID:

You wonder what is going on and what is up and whether it is more smoke and mirrors. In some ways it is; in other ways it is very different and it is couching the real deal behind some smoke and yes a few mirrors. Do not worry about any of that; just be assured that everything is moving toward a positive response and a conclusion. Nothing happens over night as you all already know. But it is happening!! The sheer enormity of it all can’t be comprehended by the average joe . No way! And the efforts that you are hearing about are not all haze— there is a great deal happening that bodes very nicely for the entire scenario.

Hilarion 9/18/2016

147423544379652Beloved Ones,

This is a time to finish and complete projects and look towards new horizons. Always life moves forward creating that which is new and this is helpful for those who have been feeling stuck. Sometimes this feeling happens because one is not meant to be moving forward in order to allow certain unfolding and realizations from within to occur. This is as it should be on the journey called life and the evolution of the spirit. As you focus on your own growth towards your higher

The Heart Speaks By Star Blossom

147423544379652The Heart Speaks

It rained… heavy all day, giving wings to rain,
that hit shore of creative awaken mind.

Oh, to see a precious rainbow,
I wished for strongly.

Matthew Ward 9/17/2016

matthew-wardWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing the thoughts in many minds, and foremost is concern about North Korea’s successful missile launchings. If that country does send a nuclear warhead into space, detonation will be prevented by universal family members who continuously patrol your skies—the same will be so if any other nation would make such an attempt.

The ceasefire in Syria for humanitarian purposes is welcome, to be sure, but much more than this bandage is needed to relieve the plight

Out of Cash Trying to Pay America’s National Debt

laughA friend said to me in distress, you don’t know what its like to be me ’til you walk a mile in my shoes.

So one day I went to his house and put his shoes on, walked a mile in ’em.

I went back to his home and asked him if I could keep those shoes; He asked why?

Nature of the Universe by Star Blossom

ccreationI Had a Dream

I had a dream, that raised me high.
Where light shined bright to bond with sun.
Where soul did dance inside grand style
and guides did hover near.