Nature of the Universe by Star Blossom

ccreationI Had a Dream

I had a dream, that raised me high.
Where light shined bright to bond with sun.
Where soul did dance inside grand style
and guides did hover near.

Where I could sing with birds in flight
to feel my heart take off and fly.
Where heartbeats moved with candles bright,
that glowed inside of love.

I had a dream that raised me up.
Where bridges formed to step in peace.
Where blessings inside gait appeared,
to carry me so free.

Where air of breath did pulsate pure,
to bath me well to have no fears.
Where dreams took root to flower strong
in fragrances so sweet.

I had a dream, that raised gently
Where dark could not play anymore.
Where people woke to see the truth
that love is all there is.

Nature Of The Universe

The nature of the universe
Is love love, love, love, love.
It travels from inside our hearts
and rises up above.

It enters inside all of things.
The love it percolates.
And then the conscious one awakes,
to feel and celebrate.

The nature of the universe,
shows us we are divine.
To change the landscape we all will.
And, sing in perfect rhyme.

When we bath inside love and peace,
our chakras realign.
And then we bath in our true selves.
It truly is divine.

The nature of the universe,
is simple, oh so true.
It is a sacred loving place.
It radiates with you.

So, take the time to open now.
Expand and start to be.
Heart centered inside of sweet love.
The changes you shall see.

I bow to all with magic now,
as I do stand awake.
Each day is such a special thing.
New moments, to celebrate inside.

With My Breath

With my breath
I give the gift of love
from my thoughts.
They spiral moving with wind.
They are aimed to heart,
so gateways open.
They drift in moments
as sun meets
moments in day.

With eyes open
I see a gift of light,
from my focus.
They see greatness.
They survey a masterpiece,
so you remember.
and a being
whose essence is

With our joined breath
we will rise
sharing in oneness and compassion

I’m Sorry.
Please Forgive me
Thank you
I love you.

Poetry by Star Blossom Goddess
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