Ashtar: Taking Responsibility for the Future of the Earth

ashtarLet the peace in your heart and soul develop igniting a space of pure truth within your being. I am Commander Ashtar; I oversee the members of the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters, known as the Airborne Ascended Masters because they travel throughout the Universe of the Creator upon a spaceship being of service. I am Commander of the spaceship and overseer of the work of the Ascended Masters dedicated to this service. It is our mission to be in tune with the divine inspiration and guidance of the Creator, so we may understand where within the Creator’s universe the most tremendous

How Foods You Prepare for Your Kids Impact Their Mental Health and Focus

Two smiling kids mixing saladJust the word “teenager” conjures up images of young people laughing and devouring food. Adolescents seem to have voracious appetites, and parents sometimes refer to them as “bottomless pits” when it comes to food consumption. While it’s tempting to keep convenient foods on hand that they can grab on the go, those foods might not give them the fuel that they need for proper mental function. Instead, they need a balance of fats, proteins, amino acids and other essential nutrients in order to focus on their school work.

Our God-Self: Your Immortal Essence

nsunature6MY BELOVEDS.

One day your body will die.

Your body will dissolve back into its elements. It provided you with an experience in this realm of intense density, with the illusion of separation and duality and therefore of the lower mind and lower emotions.

During these times you forgot your Pure Immortal Essence, which is not just a spark but a concentration of My Existence itself.