Lost Human History

the-light-of-the-galaxy-reflecting-in-the-soul-lumina-galaxiilor-reflectandu-se-in-sufletEarth peoples have been interacting with beings from other worlds since the beginnings on planet Earth. The seedlings of present-day Earth-man were deposited upon Terra by beings from star systems beyond the present capability to visit.

We have reason to believe that our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials since the dawn of time. The evidence for extraterrestrial visitations to Earth in the “early days” is not lacking.

Be open to the possibility that we are more

Be A Prospector Of Love

beings-from-venusMatt Kahn says it well when he says, “There is no distance between you and love.

Love is the key. The catalyst The cure. The energy, that surrounds and is in everything. It is the answer to any question you may pose. By going into the heart accessing these energies, YOU can receive not only answers but find a place of serenity.

How many ascended masters does it take to change a lightbulb?

cjQuestion to an Ascended Master: How many ascended masters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: None, that’s the lightworkers’ job.

Every day, a physisist goes to an icecream parlor and buys two ice creams, one for himself, and the other one, he places in the seat next to him. After several months, the owner of the ice cream parlor asks the man why he does this. The man replied