Be A Prospector Of Love

beings-from-venusMatt Kahn says it well when he says, “There is no distance between you and love.

Love is the key. The catalyst The cure. The energy, that surrounds and is in everything. It is the answer to any question you may pose. By going into the heart accessing these energies, YOU can receive not only answers but find a place of serenity.

IT MAY COME AS YOU STAND IN THE MOMENT INSIDE THE QUIET.  Sometimes it’s wisdom may come as you resinate to music. Other times as you connect to the beauties of nature. With focus you can begin to resinate with your own essence of love, and therefore to coin a phase “strike it rich.”

Imagine for a moment, that you are a prospector. And you as you stand awake and alert you are ready to find that vein you have been searching for all your life. It is the vein of love going right through YOU. It is infused in you because it is your essence.  It is energizing. It is filled with unlimited possibilities and it is filled with the answers to allow you to move in harmony.

All it takes to find this sacred vein is your intention to receive what is already there. Now, take a moment and dig deep into your own great self. Throw away any dirt uncovered that has been filled with old judgmental thoughts that no longer serve and see the wealth within you.

The choice to rise inside energies of love is right there. Run with it, as the geysers of blessings explode so peace and joy WILL fill your life.

Blessings to all.

Channel: Star Blossom from her Guides