The League of Light, The Galactic Federation: It Is Now Time To Arise

rtyTo introduce ourselves, we merely say that we have long waited to see the time arrive when we and the League of Light could openly talk publicly about the nature of the work we do, in service to love and to a stable network in transformation. While our name carries some familiarity with some reading these words, it has little historical meaning for others, including the one writing this message for you now. The truth about our pure beingness as a civilizational extension of those worlds which give beingness to people who carry codes akin to your own is this: Many worlds have had long followed

The Council: Spiritual Courage

council-of-lightIn this interchange between a questioner and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, we learn about spiritual bravery.

Questioner: Council, you gave the example of running into a building and giving up your life to save somebody. Isn’t there a lot more realistic ways to give your life for somebody, just like taking care of somebody for their life or something like that?

The Council: Well, certainly, certainly. That is another badge of bravery. We gave that as an extreme, but it is an extreme. There are many ways

USDA GMO facility in Maryland burns down after receiving anonymous threats

utiolA U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) building that’s part of a facility specializing in genetic modification caught on fire Tuesday, September 6. Reports confirm that the blaze occurred one week after anonymous threats shut down USDA facilities in five states, including the agricultural research center in question, which is located in Beltsville, Maryland.

“Flames were shooting through the roof as firefighters arrived on scene and thick black smoke could be seen from miles away. Fire officials said they were alerted to what was first described as a shed fire by a call to 911 just before 10 a.m.,” reports Fox 5 News.

How to prevent fluoride from destroying your brain

tap_water_fluoride_poisonBy now, it’s been well established that fluoride is not your friend. It’s a neurotoxic substance that is under constant scrutiny, and its presence in our lives has been heavily debated. Because it is found in most drinking water, toothpastes and other products, it is very difficult to avoid. Despite popular claims, fluoride really doesn’t offer much benefit to anyone when it is added to these products, and has many negative effects on human health. Brain damage is perhaps one of the most concerning aspects surrounding fluoride consumption.

In 2014, the journal Lancet Neurology declared that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin. A meta-analysis of 27 cross-sectional studies

Top 10 foods to promote eye health as you age

live_photo16806664Many people believe that vision loss is an inevitable corollary of age. Consequently, they resort to contact lenses, glasses or worse — surgery. In actuality, many eye problems can be treated from the inside out.

Like our other organs, eyes obtain nutrients from the food we eat. What we put into our body affects how well our organs function, in the same way the type oil used in a car affects how the vehicle functions. Just as there is “brain food,” so too is there “eye food.” Let your eyes