Hilarion 9/25/2016

147423544379652Beloved Ones,

The winds of change are upon the inhabitants of the Earth. The sweeping reforms to the existing structures of the old paradigm, begins in earnest. The crumbling and decay are evidenced everywhere and people are feeling the effects of the failure of the old paradigm systems that were in place. It is a time of intense self examination within each human heart. People are asking the important questions as they go within. They want to know what the purpose of their life is all about, why they are here on Earth and what do they need to know in order to find

Liberate Yourself

flowers-look-like-animals-people-monkeys-orchids-pareidolia-30Owen waters explains faith in a great way:
“With spiritual faith, your heart and mind open up and guide you in your search for personal truth. Faith in the spirituality of life is, what makes your spiritual path possible. Faith may sound like a form of belief, but belief is actually a fixation upon a version of the truth. With spiritual faith – an open heart and an open mind – we can discover more about today’s New Reality and what it means

The Council: Activity of the Brain During a Psychic Experience

elohimflameIn this short quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they give some insight into what happens within the brain of someone who is about to have a psychic experience. Perhaps those of you who have had this kind of experience yourselves can elaborate on what The Council presents here.

Questioner: In Trance #12 you state that “psychic abilities are mere mechanical actions of the body.” Can you explain how this is a mere physical action? What’s the triggering device, etc.?

Stereotypes of Age

vitamin-d-sunlight1I tossed a Frisbee in the air,
and where it went I didn’t care.
It flew to right. It flew due west.
I flipped with hand to past the test.

To make it fly tempted yes me,
at my old age of 83.