The Council: Activity of the Brain During a Psychic Experience

elohimflameIn this short quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they give some insight into what happens within the brain of someone who is about to have a psychic experience. Perhaps those of you who have had this kind of experience yourselves can elaborate on what The Council presents here.

Questioner: In Trance #12 you state that “psychic abilities are mere mechanical actions of the body.” Can you explain how this is a mere physical action? What’s the triggering device, etc.?

The quote is, “The psychic ability of an individual is a mere mechanical action of the body as is being discovered presently.” And we wanted to know can you explain how this is a mere physical action and what is the triggering device, etc.?

The Council: The bringing into play of the psychic ability is brought about through, shall we say, what is called a short-circuiting of the two lobes of the brain. This is a physical action. If those that have the ability to investigate such things were to attempt to search this out they would begin to see this is a happening that is consistent. Now the short-circuiting which is the mechanical function is brought about not by the physical itself but is brought about by the attitude that is instigated. So then the triggering is nothing but being a physical action that is in reference to the short-circuiting of the right and left lobe of the brain. This short-circuiting is initiated by the attitude of the entity in question or the entity that wishes to manifest the psychic abilities. If one could truly understand the process involved, if one could truly explain it in words that would be understandable, if one would truly try to think out a psychic experience, what one would discover would be a, quick flash of the desire to do something psychically. Then there would be the short-circuiting of the two lobes of the brain that would then attune and sensitize the physical for reception. And if one could be so sensitive as to follow this whole process, there would be an instantaneous thought which would trigger the short-circuiting which would become apparent through a, shall we say, snap in the head or an intense expansion feeling and then the information would begin to flow.

Questioner: But why can’t everyone do this? I’ve wanted and tried and nothing ever happens.

The Council: Some have chosen not to really use these natural abilities of the soul. And just because you physically feel that you want to do this, does not necessarily mean that deep within your soul you want to.

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