The Blue Avians: Your Star of Light and Your Ascent

zdgfnOur celestial Blueprint as Divine Beings, have been with you since before the beginning of Earths Creation. The cosmic computer of Light known as the Blueprint of Earth, is held with Love as it evolves as its own unique consciousness of Light.

Each of your own unique Blueprints are created through the image of the Divine, and birthed through your Star of Light, through its own unique portal.

Arcturian Group Message 9/11/2016

147363259746259Greetings, dear ones, on this day that commemorates an event so many still remember and mourn. Know that nothing happens for naught and that those whose physical bodies perished, chose pre-birth to be a part of some event that would help to awaken others. No one ever dies, although their coming home so suddenly created tremendous grief and loss for loved ones left behind.

These dear ones chose to serve in this way for the purpose of helping to awaken a complacent and somewhat “protected” society

The Founders: Zero Point and Dimensions

147362548989911Our previous message was a brief summary of what is taking place on Earth and within the solar system. Today we would like to discuss how and why the electromagnetic null zone, or Galactic Shift, is a catalyst for ascension and massive changes, within the Earth herself and within human beings and other life forms.

As stated previously, at some point this channel will incorporate artwork, diagrams and tables to help portray the ideas being generated here. We understand most of you rely on a more visual approach

Ancient and Galactic Family: History Beyond Time

147362548989911Dear Ones, To best explain, allow us to take a diversion and, tell you of Earth’s ancient, multidimensional history. Before Earth fell into the present-day, third dimensional vibration, in fact, even before Earth fell into the fourth dimension, there were NO polarities. Male and female, proton and electron, receiving and projecting were the same.

The polarization of masculine and feminine started with the atom, which is why the first polarized human was named Adam. Long before

The Masters: Look Into The Soul

147302527598636“Take a moment to stop and look around you. What do you see? Do you see the same old thing or can you see the beauty in all things? Now look in the mirror. What do you see? No! Look beyond the few kilos you need to lose, the frizzy hair (or no hair), the wrinkles and frown lines, the less-than perfect teeth…. look into your eyes and only your eyes. Really look. What is your soul saying to you today and how can you tell?

You have heard the expression, “The eyes are the window into the soul’ and that is true. But your eyes hold your truth and your heart, because nothing can hide the soul from expressing its true self, least of all

Medical errors are killing at least 200,000 people per year in America

050416-medicalerrorsWe’ve all seen an occasional headline of a medical mistake passing by. These errors include surgery gone wrong, misdiagnosis, administering the wrong dosage of medication or neglecting the care of a patient. However, these seemingly rare cases of medical errors happen more often that you may think.

According to a new study, led by Johns Hopkins surgeon Dr. Marty Makary, medical mistakes are the third most deadly killer of Americans, accounting for more than 250,000 deaths each year. This figure far surpasses the current third leading cause of death – respiratory disease – on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list.