Archangel Metatron: It is Through Your Blessings that a New Golden Age on Earth is Born

147406596028576Illumination is mine, expansion is thine. Through these teachings, your Earth plane becomes enlightened with the pure Source energy.

The fields of Transcendent Thought are a reality that can bring new levels of Harmony and Joy into your life. As you access new fields of high-frequency connection, your evolution as Source Energy Ever Expanding into the New Dimensions of Earth increases.

Through your personal work in aligning the chakras, you have been growing more deeply connected to the spiritual core of your being.

Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel: Shifts in the Consciousness of Humanity

vbnWe, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel share our love with you which cascades as beautiful bubbles of love over and through your being. We come forth with the gentleness, grace and compassion of our energy gifting this to you now so you may gift the same to yourself and others. We ask you to accept us with an open heart as we accept you into the depths of our beings knowing our oneness and eternal connection with you.

Montague Keen: The Awakening Gathers Strength

wpd4bc9436_06On this day, the anniversary of 9/11, one of the most criminal acts of the century was perpetrated on innocent people, whose lives were a blood sacrifice that day, so the Cabal could proceed with its plans for your world. This one act should open your eyes to how little the Cabal thinks of you, mere humans. How they are prepared to go to any lengths to remove you from the Earth that they crave for themselves. Life on Earth changed that day for everyone, not just for Americans. 9/11 was used as an excuse to wage war on all the countries in the East that had the OIL that the Cabal wanted. There are very few people

Science links new autoimmune disease to aluminum adjuvants in vaccines

110_flu_vaccines_toxicA recent symposium on autoimmune disease that took place in France has brought to the world’s attention a new disorder linked to the aluminum-based chemical adjuvants added to many childhood vaccines. Known as Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA, the novel disease includes a wide range of neurological and immune-associated effects, including chronic fatigue, sleeping disorders, muscle wasting

One-third of all Americans now on low quality government health insurance

The Tea Party Express March On WashingtonWhen we look back on Barack Obama’s legacy as president of the United States, two things are certainly going to stand out above the rest. For starters, he will certainly be remembered as the drone president, who led the charge murdering thousands of innocents through the use of drone missiles. Secondly — and perhaps most likely — Barack Obama will be remembered for the colossal bust that was and is Obamacare.