Harmony By Star Blossom

unverseHarmony By Star Blossom

One tree, can start a forest.
One smile, can begin a friendship.
One hand, can lift a soul.
One hug, can open a heart
One glance, can see a rainbow.
One intention, can launch a dream.
One dream, can blossom into harmony.
One footstep, can make a dance.
One sigh, can release doubt.
One candle, can wipe out darkness.
One moment, can stop time.
One heart, can lift the burden.
One dream, can launch a ship.
One person, can make a difference.
One challenge, can shift a being.
One giggle, can cause a wave of laughter,
One laugh, can conquer sadness.
One desire, can help the needy.
One hope, can raise our spirits.
One breath, can bring harmony.
And…one choice can change one’s life.

Hands By Star Blossom

Hands, I don’t take for granted,
as I mold a clay structure inside thoughts.
As I tweak the moment with a creative hand,
yet another day holds my reality.
So yet another day, can become my succor in armor.

Gyroscopic Heart

My gyroscopic heart spins,
turning in moments,
filling with energy,
as hour glass sands fall,
and sun shines bright.
My precious heart pulsates.
A grand invention,
vibrating to give peace
when fog comes
to inhibit view.
Time passes, as device
embedded moves,
undetected by doctors,
and kin folk.
Unseen by self,
but felt in expanded  mind.
My gyroscopic tilts,
on axis inside life’s journey.
Navigating to assist.
Moving to stabilize.
Giving reference point
for steps to dance.
The perfect tool, to carry within.
The divine tool  to play songs of love.

Channeled Poetry by Star Blossom.