One-third of all Americans now on low quality government health insurance

The Tea Party Express March On WashingtonWhen we look back on Barack Obama’s legacy as president of the United States, two things are certainly going to stand out above the rest. For starters, he will certainly be remembered as the drone president, who led the charge murdering thousands of innocents through the use of drone missiles. Secondly — and perhaps most likely — Barack Obama will be remembered for the colossal bust that was and is Obamacare.

It was recently revealed by the United States Census Bureau that one-third of all Americans are now on government health insurance, which means that one-third of everyone in America has been strong-armed into paying the federal government for health insurance. Approximately 118,395,000 people in the country are paying for government health insurance while roughly 28,966,000 aren’t insured at all. This is a serious issue for a number of reasons.

As reported by Terence P. Jeffrey of CNS News , “The number on government health insurance was up 10,108,000 from 2013, when 108,287,000 people in the United States had government health insurance, according to the Census Bureau.” By forcing people to pay the federal government for their health insurance coverage, the only thing that you’re really ensuring is that they are enslaved by the powers that be.

A major part of what makes America great is the ability to make decisions for ourselves, so when the Obama administration comes along and tells us what health insurance plans we must subscribe to, they’re essentially taking away our individual freedoms. These decisions effect both individuals in the workforce as well as business owners, who have been forced to cut back the hours of many employees in order to avoid paying ridiculous Obamacare premiums. As a result, many people are without health insurance of any kind.

Looking back, it’s kind of strange how Barack Obama claimed that Obamacare would make the country better, allowing every American to have excellent health coverage. Now, all these years later, there are still close to 30 million Americans without health insurance of any kind — and millions of people across the nation are extremely unhappy with the current state of affairs in regards to their health coverage.

Once again, the Regressive Left has proven to be an absolute cancer to the American people. By constantly intervening in our lives, they’re actually making all of the problems they’re trying to solve substantially worse. Hopefully we elect some real politicians this fall that will find a way to fix the issues the Obama administration has gotten us all into.

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