Out of Cash Trying to Pay America’s National Debt

laughA friend said to me in distress, you don’t know what its like to be me ’til you walk a mile in my shoes.

So one day I went to his house and put his shoes on, walked a mile in ’em.

I went back to his home and asked him if I could keep those shoes; He asked why?

I told him you must have a great life, I didn’t want to stop walking, I felt nothing but JOY for the whole two miles I walked in your shoes.

In a conversation with Archangel Michael, I asked him if he wanted to switch places and roles; He laughed out loud and said “I’m not stupid.”

A man died and went to heaven. Once there, he meets God, Jesus, Muhammed, Budha, and tells them you guys have always said “Ask and you shall receive”, well, through out my life I have asked for money, and I never received any besides for what I worked for. God says, look around you, you’re in heaven, do you see money in heaven? The man replies; no. God says, why do you think that is? The man says; I’m not sure. God than says; Everyone on Earth wants money;  And when the US government asked us for money a few years ago, our ‘money printers’ broke and we ran out of cash trying to pay America’s National Debt.

Written by KejRaj.