The Heart Speaks By Star Blossom

147423544379652The Heart Speaks

It rained… heavy all day, giving wings to rain,
that hit shore of creative awaken mind.

Oh, to see a precious rainbow,
I wished for strongly.
Oh, to feel some peace of mind,
as four walls close to confine.

Voices bonded with precious air
as rain stopped and Father Sky
orchestrated a sight divine.

Spiraling colors amazing came forth
to hug my eyes.
Reds, yellows, blues, greens, purples,
All gifts for heart to wander in.

“It celebrated the moment with love blessing
to be gathered in mind.” my heart said.
“It was to remind all we’re sacred
and connected to feel peaceful.”
The wind added.

Dancing steps swiftly move
riding waves of footsteps graceful to celebrate.
My prayers echoed:
with gratitude for all Father Skies gifts given.
to sing within with thanks to move in grace.

And as it faded, I breathed in every hue,
completely… grounding in my greatness
to walk, talk, and dance my dreams.

Dreams, as I dwelled under Father Skies roof
and Mother Earths floor.


The lattice of rainbow clouds drift
tickling my heartbeat.
Tickling the moment that rendezvous
with sacred breath.

The fretwork enters eyes bright,
ringing to red cells that illuminate the self
Ringing to conscious mind that drifts,
with awaken stance.

The trellis work is a gift that floats,
allowing me to move on golden bridge.
Allowing me to feel free at last,
as I reach hands to you.

Message: Open your eyes and hearts
to connect in oneness with that which surrounds,
as you allow energies like a patchwork quilt
covers you,
embraces you
and bonds with you
for peace.

My Ship, Your Ship

My ship I glide in,
pushed by winds
of words that center thoughts.

Rays of sun,
turn into waves of locution
that scrip a poem.

Oar-like pen I move
light words with dark.

Perhaps, hovering dark clouds will
prompt a verse needing reflection by reader
Perhaps, a rainbow will appear
inducing a poesy
to usher in a smile behind ones eyes.

Meanwhile, day and night my vessel floats
in a life generating
every hour
a song, a ditty, a dream.

And so, I ask…
What grand cargo of gifts
are carried in your human vessel?
Your sacred watercraft of form?

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