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ttotsThanks for your kindness in writing. Of course you may share my site on your’s as that would be much appreciated, thank you for asking. Yes, many have been lost to mindless, warring for profiteering corporations and their flunkies in central governments, and militaries, as well as their ‘owners’ in banking families. The corruption is being seen for what it is, and cleaning of the mess continues, and picks up speed. You may find the attached pdf: radioactivity-neutralization-methods on methods of cleaning up nuclear waste of interest. <www.eagle-research.com> in Oroville, WA, has a note on the proven use of HHO (Brown’s Gas) in Canada to render nuclear material inert.

I also work with <www.primarywaterinstitute.org> to inform people of the truth of all water’s origin through ongoing volcanic, tectonic and geochemical processes, just another area of knowledge that has been suppressed as billions are made each day around the world in water-based industries, and special interests, such as water commissions that buy/sell water rights, a legal fabrication to begin with.

<www.fuelsfromair.com> is another site of value, a proven tech to extract Hydrogen from water vapor, and Carbon from Co2, to produce fuels identical to those refined from crude oil.  We can end dependence on Big OIL, end drilling, fracking of oil shale, and shipping oil through pipelines, over roads and rails, and over the ocean.

<http://visionvtol.weebly.com&gt; offers a glimpse into the near future, an all electric VTOL airship that will soon be in production, and deployment, in scaled up versions for commercial cargo and passenger service, no need for fuels of any kind, or recharging.  I have much more tucked away, filling dozens of spiral notebooks over many years.  With funding support I will get my chance to bring them together in a showcase, and template to replicate globally.  Thanks for writing. — Peace, Greg <goneill51@gmail.com>


From Reader: Greg O’Neill
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