Mike Quinsey 10/07/2016

147403459048849The time is rapidly approaching when events will move forward as expected. All the necessary arrangements seem to be in place, and await the final checks before the order is given to go ahead with Revaluation of the currencies. It has taken a lot of planning to reach this point plus the co-operation of the many, many people involved. Clearly the wait will have been well worthwhile and will be seen as the turning point when events have turned the way for

You’re of the 3D Audience Now

new-imageDear Ones,

Perhaps you felt or sensed little the past few days – or maybe you sensed a great deal. It does not matter for those of you reading these words internalized the multitude of energies floating about earth the past few weeks.

The difference is that some of you cleared pieces related to those energies before these recent energy bursts. Such does not create a more masterful you but instead points to the elements you were most interested in clearing

Health risks of sugar and red meat are surprisingly similiar

red-meat-vs-sugarSugar and red meat are two food products that have had a stranglehold on the processed food industry. They are both very enjoyable (to the majority of the people, save the vegans and diabetics), and to some extent, addictive.

Both have been subject to studies that exposed their respective underbellies: the negative impact they have on health once taken