Mike Quinsey 9/30/2016

147403459048849Each day events move a stage closer to being announced, and when the situation is positive and the higher Ones are satisfied it is safe to do so they will go ahead without delay. The excitement is growing in the higher dimensions as you are approaching a momentous time that has been long awaited, and it is certain that a great step forward will soon be taken that has the potential to occur in just days. However, do not be disappointed if

One Who Serves and Ashira: You Are The Ones Moving The Planet Into The Higher Vibrations

img-00“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you.

We are going to take a slight pause here. We are looking around the room here and that those that are gathered here. Those on the phone and all of this.

We look at your shining energies; your energies are that strong. We look at you often from your energetic impression you might say. And we

The Council: Stress, The Killer of the Body

joyThe following are some of The Council’s thoughts on maintaining a healthy body.

The Council: Now there are some bodies or some systems that will take more acidity than others, and there are some that will need a degree less or much less acidity introduced into the system. This is where health lies: in what is the proper balance for the individual body. Does it function better on a higher acidity level or on a lower

The Council of Radiant Light: New Realities Open

389876543Greetings Dear Ones,

It is time for you to remember fully who you are. You can do this if you let yourselves. Simply trust your knowing and open up your senses with boldness and freedom. Honor and treasure yourself and live with that awareness – of the sacredness of YOU.

You have this mastery within you, you remember this, then choose it, dare to use it. We are, in our own way, happy for you

You’ve got the power, you’ve got the love! New Moon in Libra, 30th September

147338359782004This New Moon in Venus-ruled Libra is exceptional in terms of love and power.

Ultimately bestowing us with the power of love.

“The greatest power that a human possesses is the power of pure love.”
― Debasish Mridha

The New moon represents new beginnings and this is the first New Moon after the September eclipses and is therefore, a powerful

France Is the First Country to Ban All Plastic Dishware

plastic-container-lunch-healthy-650xFrance leads the way by being the first country to initiate a widespread ban on plastic dishware.  This is the country’s most recent effort to reduce pollution and be more environmental friendly.

France will ban the sales of single-use plastic plates and cups unless the products are made of bio-sourced materials that can be composted

A Life of Devotion, Being True to Your Higher Self

UntitledWe all experience unique experiences as part of our journey here on Planet Earth in form. Staying true to your Divine inner self, while living in a body in the world of external appearances, is living a life of Devotion, a life of Higher Purpose, a Life of Divinity.

Sometimes that road, that path, of Devotion, may be filled with what others would consider, not the easiest way to live. Those called to live in that Devotion, live set apart, so to speak, in that, they do what they do, they live

Archangel Gabriel: The Equinox Message

145969476683475Dear Ones,

At this moment in time, you are completing a year of Self Mastery. The discovery of who you are on a more deep and expansive level has been a revelation of consciousness. The awakenings that have occurred for you this year are only now coming into your conscious awareness.

You may doubt that truth of this idea as you have only noticed a blank state of expansiveness that feels like being spaced out

Colorado brewery gets approval for cannabis beer

04-alcohol-kills-brain-cellsWe have good news for beer drinkers and cannabis smokers alike. Two of America’s favorite pastimes are soon to make their long-awaited (official and legal) collaboration as a Colorado brewery has been approved to begin brewing cannabis beer. What a time to be alive!

Colorado-based brewery Dad & Dudes Breweria has received approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to produced cannabis-infused beer, which will soon be sold in Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska, with other states potentially following.

Are we going to meet the Anunnaki after The Event?

unverseThese are questions I have received via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. All is WITHIN.

Q. What should we expect by the end of 2017?

A. There will be a lot going on. Just to name a few; more uprisings against the corrupt system, full disclosure, free energy

Message From Porda of Mushaba

67789Greetings Dear Humanity,

I am Porda known as “Papa Force” of the Mushaba Family. I come at this time because it is most timely that I share some information with you. To humanity as a whole, I say to you that you are about to see an end to all that has been working against you for a millennium of time. You will see the total end of the lies and deceit that have controlled your lives and had you living

Yeshua: Truly, despite all the conflict and confusion arising in the world, all is well

147302422183545Chaos and confusion appear to be increasing across the planet, but in fact what is happening is just the rising to the surface of humanity’s consciousness many long held beliefs and judgments which are being acted out; it’s just part of humanity’s awakening process.  All the negative and judgmental ideas and concepts to which humanity has been clinging for eons have to be released in order for you to awaken, and in some cases, as you can see, they are being engaged with and acted out, often very violently.

Ohmnipure: One with others

14734718247504I am here today to let you in on a little secret. There are no secrets at all. All is in the mind of the beholder and therefore all are able to access what is the truth and see what it means to them and how to live with it in a way that is basic and loving to all of life. Do you see what I am saying? There is a way in which we are all one, and in that way we all have access to what each other is thinking, feeling and doing. What keeps them from tuning in is that there is no hesitation except for the inner desire to be private and allow others to. It is one of the ‘straw cottage’ agreements that began when life on this planet

Natural Treatments for Diabetes

de17e6dbf50f89d2f5b38cacc5425d08Undeniably, the number of diabetics is increasing dramatically. Scientifically known as diabetes mellitus, diabetes indicates high blood sugar levels. In general, diabetes is divided into 3 main kinds: type 1, type 2 and type 3. Also, diabetes includes another type called gestational diabetes which takes place only in pregnant women. During the time of diabetes, it is easy for patients to feel hungry and thirsty all the time. Also, diabetics may deal with remarkable weight loss and poorer vision without clear reasons.

U.S Government Nears ‘Shutdown’

security-brief-us-government-shutdown-adobe-hacked-388659-2-350x263KejRaj: Are we finally there? I think we are. They may make it seem like a ‘shutdown‘ is occurring because of disagreements in the senate on the ‘water’ crisis. But in truth, what is happening is the ‘changeover‘ WE have all been waiting for. The ball has been rolling for quite sometime, and it has increased its speed and in size, like a snowball down a hill, it has gotten so big, and now, it is about to explode in the next couple of weeks. Be in a state of joy as we move forward, stay heart centered, and remember, WE are the new

The Council: What In The World Is Going On?

147454928161398We have told you through many messengers that there would be, and now is, a great influx of light into your system. We have told you that there would be no one and no thing that would not be affected by this wave of light. We have even told you that you are truly well into this process at this time. And we wish to inform you now that while all of this is indeed the case, the intensity will continue to increase.

The reason we are addressing this today is that it is causing such great change within each of you that even some of those who have become

Sheldan Nidle 9/27/2016

snidle11 Ahau, 3 Tzotz, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! This weekly report, like the previous one, rests on the simple fact that we are entering a point where a time schedule is in place. We feel strongly about this and welcome at last the chance to see the first stage of a long-awaited program finally begun. Those who are in charge of this vast global change are doing what is now necessary to implement it and ensure that this new reality comes to fruition. It is no longer important how the order of payments

Sharman the Pleiadian: We Welcome Your Nightly Visits


I, Sharman, wish to remind you that if you awaken feeling tired or feeling as if there is something that you can’t quite remember, please consider the possibility that you were busy on the Ship the night before.

You will usually forget those experiences, except when you “document them,” because the knowledge of being in a reality which is completely

Archangel Michael: Becoming an Emissary of Light

3465478Beloved masters, as surely as you live and breathe, you are helping to create either Heaven or hell on Earth—or many of you may possibly feel that you vacillate somewhere in-between the two. No matter what you believe or how you interpret the ancient teachings, Heaven is a state of mind/consciousness, and not somewhere “out there” in the higher dimensions.

It is not a final destination or a place you may be eligible to go to when you transcend and leave your present physical vessel.

The stock market is 70% overvalued … crash now inevitable

maxresdefaultAuthor Charles Dickens’ classic, A Tale of Two Cities, begins this way: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness”

According to one stock market analytical firm, GMO, today’s market behavior resembles Dickens’ book, which was published in 1859 and was set during the time of the French Revolution

30 solid scientific studies that prove vaccines are linked with autism

74c617ef0e355de00a3ac8c91c932d7bThese thirty scientific studies show a link between vaccines and autism, disproving the myth that no official research papers exist to support what alternative doctors have been saying for years.

We have compiled a list of 30 scientific studies that show a link between vaccines and autism, disproving the myth[1] that no official research papers exist to support

Reader ‘Orv’ Shares Something With Us

online-libraryI know there’s soo many gloom and doom scenarios out there, which does put un-aware people into a state of fear. And as soon as anyone is in a state of fear, they completely loose their power by giving it away to the sender. I tell people all the time, “Whatever you believe to be true about anything, becomes the parameter of your experience, so you can be as empowered or as un-empowered as you choose to be, and that is the bottom line. Like Bashar says, whatever beliefs you give credence [Read more…] to, that is where you’ll wind up. Millions

The Pleiadian High Council of Seven: Intentions & Beliefs

output_bqU4zd“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Stating your intentions for what you experience is going to serve you more than changing your beliefs. Your beliefs are all about the past. They are all about what you have come to conclude as a result of what you and others have experienced previously. So your intentions can defy your beliefs. They can be outlandish and impractical

Saul: You are Divine Beings of Immense Power and Energy, Divine Energy

147489447787629Humanity’s awakening is so close that your awareness that it is occurring is intensifying enormously – you feel it enveloping you – and yet you still experience the illusion as very real.  And this feels very confusing for you.  It is as though you were locked into that moment you experience as humans as you wake up after sleeping but in which you are still not fully awake, your dreams are gently dissipating and consciousness is returning, but you have not yet fully engaged with it.

Better Sleep Can Help to Drastically Reduce Chronic Pain

lovesleepCould better sleep be the key to reducing chronic pain? Researchers from the University of Warwick have found that the way chronic pain patients perceive pain and sleep significantly impacts the occurrence of insomnia and leads to poor pain management.

The research was led by the Sleep and Pain Lab in the Department of Psychology, and their findings were quite intriguing. They found that conditions such as back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis can be directly linked to negative thoughts about not being able to sleep and experiencing

Confirmation: We Are Closer Than Ever Before

output_c3plwgGreetings Lighted Ones! As always, from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. Let your mind go silent, if you wish to hear the message of your heart and to receive guidance. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Adama: The Latest Energy Update

147482918216461We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

You have moved through the joyous Fall Equinox, which is always a great celebration for us here in Telos.

Dear Ones, it is time to acknowledge all the profound strides you have made in your Spiritual Evolution, this year.

You have let go of many things that where tied to the 3rd dimension and you have integrated the new Light codes and energies

The Arcturians: Change is Inevitable

147483740665260We speak to you in joy for many changes are coming to your world. New events are soon to occur, but try not to anticipate them with third dimensional thinking and solutions. Change often unfolds in very subtle ways making it seem as if nothing is happening.

The majority of news sources at this time are only presenting third dimensional concepts of “news”–almost always negative and in alignment with old energy. For the most part the news sources still have no awareness or interest in higher ways of seeing and knowing.

The Council: Growing Spiritually

thecouncilThe Council: Taking small situations wherein you can demonstrate your desire for greater spirituality begins to further chip away at your present state, and making these small good habits, such as kindness, a pleasant smile, a good word, making these then a part of your everyday manifestation they begin to grow then.

Maybe on the, shall we say, first week you would only be pleasant once a day or have a good word or a kind word once a day, but then the second week you may try it twice a day, and then

Divine Focus: Welcoming the Third Wave

beings-from-venusBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our third wave of 2016 is beginning to crest, with its initial frequencies heralding the New. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers have been busy for weeks, Gaia and the new grids are responding already, and we are prepared for the new arrival next week.

This is an influx of highly charged pure light which takes us to a brand new level. As always, vibrational match is key to your experience

Former Enemy Tribe Unifies in Peace With Standing Rock

archambault-wendsler_nosie_sr-dakota_access-300x212“This is something unbelievable. This display of unity and the power of  coming together is unbelievable. No words can properly describe the  feeling. For example just this morning our traditional enemies the  Crow came to the camp here to stand in solidarity with us. And we  welcomed them with Open Hearts. That was a power that brought tears  to many people’s eyes. The Oceti Sakowin stand strong and committed  to stopping this pipeline.” – Dave Archambault Jr., Chairman of the  Standing Rock Sioux Nation.