You’ve got the power, you’ve got the love! New Moon in Libra, 30th September

147338359782004This New Moon in Venus-ruled Libra is exceptional in terms of love and power.

Ultimately bestowing us with the power of love.

“The greatest power that a human possesses is the power of pure love.”
― Debasish Mridha

The New moon represents new beginnings and this is the first New Moon after the September eclipses and is therefore, a powerful catalyst to start a new phase in our lives.

There is nothing we can’t achieve now, as we are bestowed with empowering and loving energy with this New Moon in Libra.

The Libra New Moon initiates the reboot and restart of the entire year !

We have finally arrived at the beginning of our new life’s phase, after the transformative Eclipses on the 1st  and 16th September, which brought much to a head that has been transpiring since 2012, correcting our course and guiding us to our new life path and purpose.

Pluto in positive aspect to the North Node of fate and Mercury in Virgo, is making this a decisive and fateful time and a life changing turning point in our lives and our destiny.

Signposts helping you along your new path in the form of people and exciting opportunities will make them self known.

It’s time to restore your faith in yourself, life and love.

The New Moon is conjoined together with the Sun and Jupiter in Libra.

Jupiter in Libra  (Sept 9th to Oct 2017) can now begin to release his powerful energies and good vibes.

Jupiter expands everything he touches as well as bringing growth and good fortune. Now in the sign of Libra the sign of relationships, love, peace and harmony, we can expect more:


Since the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, 23rd March, we have been learning and preparing for Jupiter’s stay in Libra and this new moon.

Bringing our desire for love and better relationships to the fore.

We have been learning about healthy relationships versus dysfunctional. While the Neptune-Saturn square , now coming to an end, has been blasting through our delusions, false dreams and hopes. Paving the way for more honest, loving, real and authentic relationships with ourselves and others.

We are now better equipped than ever before to live healthier, happier relationships taking them to the next level. We will have plenty of opportunities to grow and expand within our relationships,with many having already met the “special one” and many more still will, during the Jupiter in Libra  one year stay, with many karmic lovers meeting and coming together.

Venus now in Scorpio is making  wonderful aspects to Neptune and Pluto.

We feel very much the need to search for our soul mates now. As Venus in Scorpio needs an emotionally deep and passionate love and Neptune in Pisces fills us with a longing for soul mate connections. Pluto the planet of empowerment aspects both Venus and Neptune and is infusing us with the power to settle for nothing less. Superficial, just won’t do.

Venus in Scorpio is the Alchemist,

An Alchemist is one who turns everything into love


In the coming four weeks, many may find their passion and soul mate, while others already in a relationship, will have the opportunity to deepen and strengthen their bond.

Our goals, plans, new beginnings and relationships are supported by long-lasting solid foundations and success by Saturn in Sagittarius who is positively aspecting the New Moon.

Some, however, may feel a sense of worry, loss or sadness, despite all of the positive energy of this new moon, as Mercury in Virgo  is in opposition to Chiron in Pisces, the wounded healer. Especially true for those who have had to let someone go, during the recent two eclipses in September.

Mercury in Virgo during her retrograde period, which ended on the 22nd September, helped us to look within, expand our consciousness and bestow us with much inner wisdom, ultimately helping us to heal and move on to our true life’s purpose and love.

It’s time now, to forgive and release the past. And to look forward and positively towards this new and exciting chapter in our life, that will bring us to  better and higher levels of being, loving and relating.

After the past two Eclipses in September, the path ahead is making its self known and by the time Mercury comes out of the shadow phase on the 6th October, we will have no further doubts about which direction we are heading in.

We now have the power at our disposal to forge ahead with our plans, projects and desires, turning dreams into reality, as Pluto in Capricorn the planet of empowerment, turns direct after a five-month retrograde period.

Together with Mars, the planet of drive and energy, now in Capricorn, this is a winning and powerful combination, as Mars will soon be teaming up together with Pluto.

We now have the power, confidence and determination to reach our goals and to make any long needed changes in our lives.

Life is finally moving forward, and nothing can stop you now!

Mars and Pluto are in a tense aspect to the New Moon and will continue to stay in a tense aspect to the Sun in Libra for most of the month, peaking around the 19th of October when  Pluto conjoins Mars at the exact same degree.

This is a high energy aspect, helping us to overcome any challenges that may come our way. We need to be aware however, that some narcissistic personalities may be quite ruthless in trying to achieve what they want.We need to be mindful of setting healthy boundaries and to not engage in any power struggles.

Pluto represents power and Libra, love.

The energies will bring out the best and the worst in some, during the next four weeks. This is about the power of love versus the love of power.

Reminding us that there is ultimately, no greater power than the power of love.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

We may well see this playing out in the US, as the elections are coming to their end phase.As well as in Syria.

There is real hope of a long-term fair solution as Jupiter represents truth and Libra can see the perspective from both sides, as well as seeking compromise and being non-judgemental while seeking justice and fairness.

Ultimately the power of love will win, as Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and joy in the sign of Libra expands our love and hearts, both personally and collectively. Bringing hope of more personal and global peace and justice after the month of October.

Jupiter is expanding our wisdom and intelligence of the heart.

The wisdom of the heart is really…the connection to your authentic power, to that source of realness and genuineness that you have inside.

-Howard Martin

You’ve got the love !
-florence and the machine

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