Hello Oneness

147464310297779High majestic mountains stand tall.

Clouds creative in shapes float by.

Divine animals move in tree lined walls.

Glorious sun shines in rays,

to warm the soul.

Time to wander in life

with a new focus

being part of it all,

inside a vision grand.

So, I start again

High majestic mountains stand tall.

Clouds creative in stature float by.

Divine animals move in wind.

Glorious sun shines in rays

to warm the soul.

And all humans move in divine form

bonding with a precious scene.

Motto:   Wake up, to see

the masterpiece right before you.

And reacquaint yourself with natures family,

because you are part of this amazing


FYI    The more you connect with Nature the more you will feel bliss and reap the benefits.

Poetry by Star Blossom Goddess
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