The Council: Growing Spiritually

thecouncilThe Council: Taking small situations wherein you can demonstrate your desire for greater spirituality begins to further chip away at your present state, and making these small good habits, such as kindness, a pleasant smile, a good word, making these then a part of your everyday manifestation they begin to grow then.

Maybe on the, shall we say, first week you would only be pleasant once a day or have a good word or a kind word once a day, but then the second week you may try it twice a day, and then three times a day and so on and so forth, till whenever you speak to an individual you speak first with the thought of kindness towards them before any word comes out of your mouth, and then love and then works, actual works, kindness and love and charity; and so you recondition that subconscious area, thus it changes the physical; but the physical must also be trained; the spirit to your being will influence the physical from exterior sources by bringing the physical in contact with the right individuals, the proper individuals, who have a godly attitude, thus you consciously gain knowledge and experiences, while the spirit itself manipulates through this area of the conscious that carries the karmic debt, and so you work with yourself, influencing from both ends.

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