A Life of Devotion, Being True to Your Higher Self

UntitledWe all experience unique experiences as part of our journey here on Planet Earth in form. Staying true to your Divine inner self, while living in a body in the world of external appearances, is living a life of Devotion, a life of Higher Purpose, a Life of Divinity.

Sometimes that road, that path, of Devotion, may be filled with what others would consider, not the easiest way to live. Those called to live in that Devotion, live set apart, so to speak, in that, they do what they do, they live how they live, not dependant on approval, of others.

Monetary gains, have no interest to a devout Initiate, even though they may be blessed with material abundance.

A House a home, is not on the top of the list, as the HOME is within, to a Divine Being. Although, a beautiful house, may also be part of the plan.

A relationship, may be withheld, until a Divine Being fully has completed their processes, and is Exalted completely within, then Drawing the Exalted, counterpart, to their side.

There are no half measures with the Divine Devotion.

It is ALL and only those called within themselves to live like this, will live like this. As it requires ALL to be truly Devoted.

Many religions have understood partly this Dedication and Devotion. Yet there is more to it. When ONE becomes completely enlightened and a FULL Divine Initiate and lives as this Light that is the Glory of Divinity, then ONE gains everything, including a relationship. If that is in ones Life Plan.

The people on Earth, 3D have lived by a Dog eat Dog mentality, which is shifting, as that living for only oneself to get ahead for the SAKE of APPEARANCES, has become more obvious as the meaningless path, that so many have attempted to attain happiness through. It does not work. Out with what does not work and in with what DOES.

We have seen many signs of this, even with celebrities, they look like they have it all. Then they commit suicide. OUTER gain has nothing to do with inner beauty, love, peace and devotion.

Those are the Divine Qualities and Virtues that bring to you the LIFE of your DREAMS.

NO longer seeking gain for selfish purposes. BUT seeking the GLORY of the Divine YOU in all moments.

Truly living Authentically as a Divine Being, that is Graced and adorned within, with the Glory of God, is the INNER Glory and Fulfillment, that brings lasting happiness, joy and Bliss, no matter what.

It is the foundation for Inner Transformation.

It is the foundation for the New Earth.

It is the foundation for Happiness and it cannot be bought or taken away once you have it.

First Beautify your inner world, the inner You with the Virtues of the Divine. Live in Devotion to this. To your inner transformation. Allow the landscape of your inner thoughts, be the Beatific Glory of that which you seek, within.

Allow your inner emotions, be the Heaven you desire to Live in, within.

Allow your actions, the way you live, what you choose to do with your time, be the MANTLE of Glory, that reigns upon you, all the Delights of Heaven, that becomes your overflowing BLISS and JOY that you gift the world with as your Divine PRESENCE.

Allow PATIENCE to settle in, as the food of Light you partake in, that fills you with the satisfaction and peace, of the Angels.

Allow Devotion, to be the way Grace pours through you in all Moments, and radiates the Highest of Highest Love, to all, you look upon.

Allow Trust, to be you inner Strength, that is your Rock, which all you do then, becomes imbued, with the Glory of Heaven on High, within you.

May you accept, time does not have the same meaning here on Earth as it does in Heaven. Focus your Attention on ALL that is eternal, as the crown that you wear, within, till you RECEIVE your crown of Divine Glory that blesses you. With your Divine Twin Flame by your side. As it is in Heaven.

May you know, this path is the path of the Greatest Divine Blessings. It is the way home, here on Earth, to the Divine YOU in all your Beatific Glory. In this, I do hold you.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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