Reader ‘Orv’ Shares Something With Us

online-libraryI know there’s soo many gloom and doom scenarios out there, which does put un-aware people into a state of fear. And as soon as anyone is in a state of fear, they completely loose their power by giving it away to the sender. I tell people all the time, “Whatever you believe to be true about anything, becomes the parameter of your experience, so you can be as empowered or as un-empowered as you choose to be, and that is the bottom line. Like Bashar says, whatever beliefs you give credence [Read more…] to, that is where you’ll wind up. Millions of parallel realities to choose from, from the best to the worst. I also tell people that we are all gods and goddesses in training and that it’s very important to take full responsibility for creating your own personal reality 100% of the time. Whatever you put out is what you get back! I have studied with many different Masters from 1969 onward. Charan Singh Ji Maharaj, Ramtha, Mafu, Germane through friend Lyssa Royal, Bashar, the Pleiadians.

So over the years since then, I’ve collected the “Best” Pdf articles, mp4 videos and mp3 audios. So I want to share with You my 50GB web site, “Special On-Line Library” which is a Spiritual Metaphysical/NewAge/Ufo library. Just right clic on any file to download. Please share, if You choose, with anyone interested. There’s also a Music MP4 folder there. In the UFO folder, there’s a PDF book that I’ve been working on for quite some time and every 3 weeks or so I add more photos to it. Its called, “Ufos Best Photos Ever” and it’s up to 892 pages so far of just UFO photos. It’s also and started out to be a “Wendelle Stevens Tribute” book, whom I knew and I talked to him one day before he passed to the other side. His wife sent me all his color Ufo photos on Data CDs. So you might find it interesting and please share it with anyone you choose. Then another project I work on, since 2000, in the same folder, are MP4 videos called, “What Was That!?” There are 9 so far and each one is 3 hours or so long, of only the best Ufo footage out there, compiled together with some channeled info (my classic favorites) over the top of the videos, plus I also add Ufo and Crop Circle photos to make it even more interesting. These video compilations contain “No Gloom or No Doom” information! The whole idea of this Site is to share with mankind, to make it easier for people to gather this type of information, all in one convenient place, saving them tons of time and effort.

To view Orv’s personal private collection of video MP4s, audio MP3s and PDFs, use the login. All free for download. If you wish to contact Orv: