Angry Driver Plows Pickup Through Native American Crowd Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

980xCaught live on video, an 18-year old male driver plowed his pickup into a crowd of about 40 Native American protestors in Reno following an angry exchange of words. One woman was hospitalized. Quanah Brighten, executive director of United Native Americans Inc., called it a hate crime. At about 6:40 p.m. Monday, the pickup truck approached the intersection where demonstrators had gathered under the Reno Arch. On video

Frequency Shift: Acceleration of Divinity

img-00Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Yet another higher frequency entered yesterday, open your hearts to its transformational light. Feel into its calming effects, it’s like a light spa; let it wash away the turbulence of last month’s timeline shift. We learn to be responsible creators of our future trajectory right here, right now, in our moment by moment choices. Let this light comfort and rejuvenate you, Beloveds. Your realities are becoming much

The Arcturians Group: Justice

147483740665260Greetings dear ones. We come in the Light of a new day and meet you in that place.

Do not expect anything to continue as you have known it in the past. This is because the material world you are familiar with was formed from the energy of beliefs that no longer exist. Be open to and embrace change instead of resisting it, for nothing real is ever lost and ideas based in truth (reality) will always reappear in new and higher forms of expression when needed.

Sheldan Nidle 10/11/2016

snidle12 Ix, 17 Tzotz, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! What is to be expected often takes longer than first estimated. The dying American regime goes out, sabre-rattling at a most undaunted clip. This nonsense seems scary to the uninitiated. In reality, it is no more than a method designed to make Russia the appointed scapegoat. The US Military is engaged in nefarious operations in Syria and Iraq. Because these things backfired badly on the US, it, like an old magician, needed to use sleight-of-hand tricks to lead

Monague Keen: Who speaks the truth at this time of confusion

wpd4bc9436_06I am filled with dismay as I look upon what is being forced on you by corrupt governments. The lies and the disinformation that is being fed to you from all fronts is horrific. The NWO, hiding behind its many disguises, the Vatican, the Crown, and the governments, as well as the newspapers and TV channels that they own. They are all singing from the same hymn sheet while pretending to have come to the same conclusion, all by themselves.

The one who calls himself Pope Francis is trying to make you feel guilty for trying to protect Europe. I assure you, the Vatican knows

One Who Serves and Ashira: Create The Reality You Want It To Be After The Event

147622410642424“One Who Serves”
We were not yet recording? Maybe it’s because I am here (referring to himself as the #2 or #3 OWS and now for at least this session #1) . Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes. Everything is happening here for a reason, people. Everything is happening for a reason. Things are going on exactly as it needs to. You do not be concerned in any way whatsoever that you are going to miss the boat. It is not going to be any missing boat unless you decide to miss the boat.

There is a ‘second brain’ in your gut and it controls more than you might imagine

heart-shape-stomach-hands-womanDoes the human gut perform other important functions besides just digesting and assimilating our food? A new video put together by AsapSCIENCE explains in precise detail how the gut is not only multimodal when it comes to governing the metabolic functionality of our bodies, but it further acts as a type of “second brain” to regulate our hormone levels, our moods, and