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Ashtar: Keep Your LoveLight Shining

I Am Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleets, who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love. Greetings, Beloved Family, We all are rejoicing! We all up here are partying and celebrating  because, as … Continue reading

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The Violet Flame

FOR CENTURIES, alchemists have sought to change base metals into gold. But the transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and more noble alchemy — the alchemy of self-transformation. SELF-TRANSFORMATION was the goal of the … Continue reading

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Silvina (Mer-Being): Supporting Water’s Ascension

I am Silvina. I am known as a Mer-Being which to you may mean that I exist under water, however, to me, it means that I can travel through high-frequency energy vibrations. In truth, I move through light at high … Continue reading

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Jesus: All Your Fears and Anxieties are Baseless

The Oneness that is All that exists is surfacing into the daily consciousness of millions of humans as the awakening process intensifies and accelerates.  For many it is both uplifting and unsettling, because it is a totally new and unexpected experience and they have no conceptual … Continue reading

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The Council: Communication

The topic we wish to discuss with you today is communication. But this is not a message about some general communication that is for some generic audience. This is about you, the reader of this text, and our communication with … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Shift Your Consciousness

In moments of stress, anxiety and other intense harmful mind states that we experience within our lives, it can be difficult to have our focus on positive personal development. The thought of becoming an enlightened sage radiating seemingly-perpetual positive energy … Continue reading

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Hilarion: You Have Been Transformed

Beloved Ones, Many of you are feeling the effects of a shift. You know within yourselves that you have been transformed. You know within yourselves that something momentous has occurred and this is a wonderful occasion to celebrate! As you … Continue reading

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Moldavite: Emissary of The Stars

These beautiful and powerful pieces of moldavite come as an unexpected invitation from the heavens above. They invite us home to places within our soul that remembers the stars. Moldavite is a green translucent gemstone from a single meteorite which … Continue reading

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Lady Nada: Creating the New Earth

Greetings, I am honored to be able to reach so many in this way. We come with the message that you are in a very important time. It is a time that will require much focus and dedication on your … Continue reading

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Got Pesticides? The Dangers and Alternatives to Standard Dairy

Dairy farming is a dirty business — literally. Between managing waste, keeping cows healthy, and maintaining sanitary environments for milk until it reaches grocery store shelves, Old MacDonald has his work cut out for him. In an effort to boost … Continue reading

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Ohmnipure: Keep on keeping on

If I were you I would rely on what is simple, and in that I am also referring to the situation with the funds that are in the works. It is a good idea to live your life in the … Continue reading

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